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Reader Mail – 05/12/2013 To 05/18/2013

commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
Brainwashed automoton.

Ben Ritchie commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.
Wow! Im trying to imagine a Java guy taking that much glee in flaming a C++ dude.. Im guessing your hard to collaborate with!

Early optimisation is the biggest problem Ive seen in HFT.. Using a managed language with no surprises makes sense for team work. Use the highest-level language you got for everything to start with - work out the hotspots then drop the abstractions layers (java->jni->C++->C->Assembly->Hardware) as necessary

Here's another interesting bit on Shire Silver. They will buy back their cards for 75% of the sale price.

Compare that with APMEX. They will buy back for 89-90% of the sale price (if you buy 1 1oz silver round) or 95%+ (if you buy 500 1oz silver rounds). So, silver rounds have a better bid/ask spread than Shire Silver. Even if you add in shipping costs, APMEX is still a better deal. Plus, you can sell your silver rounds to other people than APMEX, but I don't know of any other offers to trade Shire Silver cards for State money.

NareshCron commented on Prescription Change - Back To Seroquel.
I've personally done a bit of looking in to the research on psychiatric medication and I’ve found that despite the fact that psychiatry is probably running on paradigms that have the flaws and inefficiencies of the of the broken medical establishment AND incorporates the dogmatic delusional way people think about how other people and society work. But despite this there are some valid observations that can be made based on theoretical neurochemistry. You can make some decent educated guess as to why something works based on its biochemical profile in terms of things like receptor affinities and metabolites. The problem is that any further analysis than some basic facts about a drug like it’s duration and what type of systems it effects based on the current use of a chemical or it’s category is usually flawed based on the personal opinions about things like ‘’natural health”, “psychiatric drugs hobble the brain”, or even just the view they use about what a “healthy mind” is. One example of these beliefs is the psychiatric industry’s fixation on the medical model of fixing illness making all standard writing on the subject assume that drugs are best used to improve “problems” by restoring a mind to an ideal state of balanced or normal. Unfortunately no one from any perspective seems to try to be looking at the human brain as simply a complex system without prejudices and to which nearly any general rule will have exceptions.

All I can say is my personal experience with the drugs. Lithium, risperdal, geodon, abilify, and zoloft were HORRIBLE. As far as I can tell, Seroquel has no negative side-effects. It does knock me right out and put me to sleep. At 50mg/day, the "partially cures color blindness" side-effect is less strong than with 100mg/day. I feel a little tired during the day, but not that much.

(Actually, I have a slight fever now. I wonder if I'm partially allergic to Seroquel? Is it "neuroleptic malignant syndrome"? Is it withdrawal from the risperdal+zoloft?)

A psychiatrist would say "Everyone's body chemistry is different!", but I have a hard time imagining that lithium, risperdal, etc. help anyone.

However, nobody has had a good explanation for why I was fine for 30 years, and then got "sick" at age 30. I'm pretty sure it was the shock of discovering how really evil people operate, how they emotionally manipulate people to get what they want. Even though I'm aware of it, I'm still bothered when I deal with someone abusive.

Anonymous Coward commented on Offshorng Software Development Does Not Save Money.
A friend of mine once mused that there is something about software development that attracts thickos and nasty people into management.

I've worked in several places with competent software developers and had work compromised or wrecked by stupid management.

One thick manager can wreck the work of ten smart and dedicated software developers.

That exactly happened at one of my jobs. It was a team of almost all competent people. A strong psychopath got himself promoted to leader, and productivity went to zero. As one of the most intelligent people there, the psychopath directed almost all his hatred against me, making it a very stressful situation.

That's another common psychopath trick. Suck up to everyone else, while your top priority is eliminating your target.

Superficially, you might think "Software is an objective area of work. Either something works or it doesn't. Therefore, intelligent people should do well." However, you can only evaluate software work if you're good at writing software yourself. In almost every business, there will be a point where someone technical reports to someone non-technical. At that point, evil people thrive. Good liars will always outperform good workers, because nontechnical people have a hard time evaluating technical ability.

Anonymous Coward commented on IRS Targets Tax-Exempt Conservative Groups For Audits.
For some reason, David Cam-Moron is the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.

As 40% of the population did not vote in the last general election, only 20% of the population actually voted for Cam-Moron.

His mate George Osborne is the Chancellor, who is ultimately in charge of the tax collecting arm of the UK government.

Cam-Moron's father had a business moving money offshore!

Osborne's family use trusts to minimize taxes.

Little people can't afford lawyers to draw up trusts to minimize taxes.

Laughingdog commented on I'm About To Get A New Cell Phone - Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II or Samsung Galaxy S4?.
why the S4 instead of an S3? Everything I've read suggested that the S4 is a pretty minor upgrade from the S3, and the S3 is practically free on Amazon if you watch for a deal. I just upgraded a few weeks ago, and it cost me $10 for my S3. After 2 years with a droid 2, this thing is so much faster it feels like it's anticipating what I want to open. It's also just barely small enough to still do most basic functions with just one hand.

I'd have gotten an S3 months ago if the sales people at the Verizon store weren't idiots. They told me it didn't have a removable battery, so I avoided it. Turns out they were wrong.

The S3 has a 1.4GHz processor and the S4 has a 1.9GHz processor. That extra 0.5GHz matters for emulation and retrogaming, which will be one of my primary uses of the phone. I don't mind paying a little more for the phone. It's worth it, considering how much I use it.

I know that Verizon store sales reps are idiots. I'm sticking with Verizon anyway. Both have removable batteries. That's important if you're going to use it on a plane, so you can carry a spare battery. The removable battery matters when the phone crashes, so you can reset it by removing the battery.

I'm upgrading from a Droid 3, which is 3G and not 4G.

Saurabh commented on I'm About To Get A New Cell Phone - Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II or Samsung Galaxy S4?.

If you are going to stuck with this phone for next 2 yrs better to choose S4.

I’m About To Get A New Cell Phone – Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II or Samsung Galaxy S4?

I’m about to get a new cell phone. It’s time to renew my contract. I’ve already decided that I’m sticking with Verizon.

Actually, my contract expires in September but Verizon is giving me a cellphone upgrade in May. You can get an new phone 4 months before your contract expires. Starting next year, Verizon will make you wait 24 months instead of 20 months to get a phone upgrade, making the contract expiration coincide with the upgrade eligibility.

Annoyingly, I’m going to also have to upgrade to the “improved” (i.e. more expensive) family share plan. The good news it that the new plan lets you share data, and I only use 10%-20% of my data per month, so I can save by getting a lower data allocation. I’ll probably put my sister’s tablet on it also, which is a savings. (I couldn’t do that before the “share everything” plan. With the “share everything”, a tablet is only $10/month plus whatever data you use.)

I already decided against the Motorola Droid 4. When they didn’t make a removable battery, that was a pants-on-head retarded design decision. Why is that important? Once every few months, my Android phone crashes hard. Removing the battery is the only way I could reset it. I know that there’s a key combination to force a hard reset, but that didn’t work for me.

I’m down to two finalists for my cell phone purchase. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II or the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Why the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II? I like the physical keyboard, and it’s the only choice Verizon offers other than the Droid 4.

Why the Samsung Galaxy S4? The specs are SO MUCH BETTER than the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II. It has almost double the CPU power, which matters to me because I’m doing game emulation. The Dosbox Turbo/PSX/N64/nds4droid/PPSSPP emulators should work a *LOT* better on the S4 compared to the Stratosphere II. I’ll miss the physical keyboard, but it isn’t essential. Also, it’s a newly released phone and the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II is already 6 months old.

What do you think? I haven’t decided yet, but leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy S4.

IRS Targets Tax-Exempt Conservative Groups For Audits

This story is interesting. The IRS targeted “conservative” tax-exempt groups for stricter audits.

The IRS possesses a lot of power to spy on people, or just make your life miserable if they decide they don’t like you. If you say that taxes are too high, then you might face greater IRS scrutiny.

Of course, the correct answer is “All taxation is theft!” People are being outraged at IRS power being misdirected, rather than saying that power should not exist at all.

Reader Mail – 05/05/2013 To 05/11/2013

commented on Kitchen Nightmares Observations - Burger Kitchen Part 1.
I think you should use the word 'psychopath' again, I don't think you used it enough.

Anonymous Coward commented on Reader Mail - 04/28/2013 To 05/04/2013.
In the UK, we pay 20% income tax, 11% National Insurance, 11% hidden employers' payroll tax, 20% sales tax (fuel tax etc) and 1000 pounds council tax. In summation taxation is between 50 - 60%. If you are low paid, obviously the 1000 pounds council tax is a huge percentage of your earnings. The council tax is paid after all other taxes, making it even higher still.

My faith in the system broke down when I was injured at work. My General Practitioner (Doctor) couldn't be bothered. I worked for nasty, dishonest people that didn't want to do things properly. So I ended up living off my savings for a year while my body healed itself. Fortunately I recovered fully. Because my G.P. was a useless toss-pot, I didn't get sick pay from the government. I suppose I could have changed doctors and perhaps pushed the matter, but I just wanted to get better without the stress.

That was some time ago. Anyway recently - almost within days - a bit of my body decide to malfunction. It is quite a common thing as judged by the number of Internet articles on it. It is more an ailment than anything that stops you doing anything.

Anyway I went to see the doctor paid for by my taxes. He wasn't really interested. He didn't seem to know about the ailment. It was a complete waste of time seeing him.

So paying 60% of my income is taxes is completely pointless due to the services I get back!

I went on the Internet and found some products that promised to help. I ordered them and paid express delivery from abroad.

So what happened? The import tax people intercepted the item and held it up for a week. They then applied a tax to it. Worse they then applied a fee for applying the tax! I then got send a card asking me to pay the tax (and the fee for applying the tax!) by credit card. This held matters up further. About a month later I finally got the item. The tax (and the fee for applying the tax) doubled the price of the item!

The conclusion is that paying 50 - 60% tax (remember employers' payroll tax is a hidden tax and effectively comes out of your salary before you are given the figure) is pointless as I get no services back. When I try to fix the problem myself, government holds the process up and doubles the cost due to a tax and the cost of applying the tax.

High tax. No services. Getting in the way and stopping someone getting better.

My G.P. effectively told me he isn't interested in anything unless it gets infected. So he couldn't do anything for me. I decided to try to see another doctor. I looked up specialists at a nearby hospital. I noticed on their web pages, they had links to their private practices. So these doctors were trained at tax-payers' expense, work from taxpayer funded hospitals but are allowed to work on the side for direct cash payments. I contacted one of these doctors and was told they only see people on the National Health Service if referred by a G.P. The trouble is my G.P. won't help me unless I have an infection.

So I'm stuck. I pay 60% tax, am a UK citizen, but I can't get any help from the tax-payer funded National Health System.

The only way to get help is to pay a N.H.S. doctor cash under his private practise. But paying 60% tax means we don't have the money to pay extravagant costs per hour for a doctor.

What a complete and utter scam! I pay tax. Can't see a tax-payer funded doctor, unless I pay cash.

Anonymous Coward commented on Double Counting R&D In GDP.
Given one particular theme of your blog, what do you think the following video means?

If you want to cheat, the following video talks about an interpretation of it.

That video looked like someone trying to make something with a deeper symbolic meaning, but it actually being pretty lame.

I should make some videos. I could do better.

Anonymous Coward commented on Double Counting R&D In GDP.

I personally liked the video.

At one level it is about the crumbling away of hierarchical, coercive society and man becoming enlightened and awakening to his true destiny.

At one point a shoe is on top of a coin, symbolizing control of the world's monetary systems.

One of the first scenes is about two presidents dancing and fooling about instead of doing a proper job and addressing the real problems. Notice the phallic symbol on the blackboard - fooling about instead of doing real work.

The video is about much more than that.

I think it is very well done.

All the symbols are there for a purpose. Look at the rabbit and the stag when you see the woman in white? What do they mean? What does the apple represent?

Why does President ODumber sweat when the woman drops the apple? Is he worried about the people become enlightened and realizing that both political parties are the same and never fix any problems?

thomas marti commented on Offshorng Software Development Does Not Save Money.
Man, I haven't seen an entry for the resource based economy by jacques fresco which is explained in zeitgeist addendum. I think you should update your knowledge and post a little bit more about that... thanks

I watched a little bit of Zeitgeist, and I thought it was a more beginner-oriented version of the stuff I write about.

anon commented on Mac Mouse No Scroll Wheel.
A real man would use FreeBSD.

I've never seen an all UNIX/Linux workplace. I've seen a surprising amount of Macs on my interviews.

I use Windows at home, because many games only have a Windows version.

Mac Mouse No Scroll Wheel

I had the displeasure of briefly using a Mac to look up something on the Internet. It has one of the worst UI features I’ve ever seen.

On a PC mouse, there’s usually a scroll wheel to control scrolling. On a Mac mouse, there’s no scroll wheel. Instead, you move your finger on the surface of the mouse, and that’s the scroll wheel.

Why is that bad? With the mouse wheel, it clicks each time you scroll once. That enables fine control. With the Mac mouse “scroll” feature, it was hard to control it. It’s a neat feature when you evaluate it by hype and “coolness”. It’s a feature that is worse than a standard scroll wheel.

I’ve gone on a lot of interviews, and I’m surprised how many people are using Macs. It’s usually a bad sign, when the interviewer has a Mac. I’ve noticed that people who own Windows PCs are more competent than those who own Macs.

Offshorng Software Development Does Not Save Money

I’ve interviewed for a few jobs where they had an offshore programming team. As part of the job, I would be working with the offshore team.

I’ve also interviewed for a few jobs where they said “We hired an outsourcing/offshore team to develop our product. We’re not satisfied with the results, and now we’re hiring people directly.”

If the boss is not computer literate, failure is guaranteed, whether you use an offshore team or hire locally. If you don’t manage your staff well, you might as well minimize the cost per hour by using an offshore team! If the boss is computer literate, it would be easier to identify, hire, and manage good people locally, rather than manage the offshore team.

With an offshore team, there’s a lot of potential problems. The offshore team will not have English as a first language, leading to communication problems. Due to the distance, everything must have a detailed specification, but writing a 100% detailed specification can be as much work as writing it yourself. There’s a time zone difference.

For a large corporation like Microsoft or IBM, an offshore team can be profitable. They can afford to build a large team of offshore workers. Large corporations have a lot of overhead and bureaucracy anyway. For a small business or a startup, the overhead of offshoring will usually outweigh the benefits.

Whenever I hear a startup say “We hired an outsourcing/offshore team to develop version 1.0 of our product!”, I mentally translate to “This startup is doomed!” A startup needs a technical cofounder who can develop version 1.0 of the product by himself. Many of these startups are trying to add a technical cofounder later, when they find out that VCs insist on a technical cofounder. I’m always amused by job ads that say a startup is looking for a technical cofounder, but they’ve already decided what language they’re going to use!

Offshoring works well for simple tasks like data entry or assembly line manufacturing. I don’t see the benefit for writing software or something creative.

In a really free market, there should be no long-term economic advantage to offshoring. There’s a simple arbitrage argument. If offshoring really is profitable, more people will do it. Salaries will rise in the offshore market and decrease locally. Over time, any advantage will disappear.

Whenever someone mentions an offshore development team in an interview, that’s a red flag. One tell is that they get offended, when I ask if the offshore team is really worth it. Whether you hire locally or offshore, you still have to manage your workers intelligently. Offshoring is attractive, because it minimizes the cost per hour. If you aren’t going to manage people well, you mgiht as well minimize the cost! It’s easier to manage people locally, especially when they have to meet with users to understand requirements.

Double Counting R&D In GDP

This story is interesting. Now, R&D expenses will be counted as part of R&D.

Here’s the pro-State troll argument. Suppose you work in the R&D department and get paid $100k. That should be counted as part of GDP, because you spend $100k buying goods and services. However, those $100k goods you bought WERE ALREADY COUNTED IN GDP. In effect, the same transaction was counted twice!

Here’s another way to look at it. Suppose a buy a new car for $10k. That’s $10k counted towards GDP because the car was manufactured. Suppose I immediately sell that car for $10k. Does that mean the GDP increased by another $10k? No, it didn’t.

Suppose a corporation spends $500M in R&D, leading to sales of $1B next year. Now, the R&D spending is double-counted. There’s $500M contributed to GDP this year and $1B next year, but only $1B of goods were produced. If R&D is counted as $500M one year, then $500M should be deducted the next year as the R&D spending leads to goods and services being produced.

There are continual “enhancements” to the way that GDP and the CPI are calculated. The pro-State troll excuse is “This makes them more accurate!” However, the “enhancements” usually lead to bias, causing the economy to look better than it actually is.

Reader Mail – 04/28/2013 To 05/04/2013

commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
You sir are a undeserving wanna be american peice of shit. you stand on the front line oh wait you dont have the balls to do so. Tell all that bullshit to the victims and family members from 09/11 or maybe more current events like the Boston bombings. You and people like you should of been the ones in harms way then maybe you would be singing a different tune towards brave men and women , or maybe your just a scared little bitch with no pride for your country. Next time you find yourself talking shit about my military dont hide behind your key board you butt baby terrorist. If you dont like it leave but if you ever do, and find yourself in a fucked up situation in a third world country I wouldn't piss on fire to put you out. you make me sick you disrespectful peice of shit I hope someone some day shuts your cock sucker up. Your no better than obama destroying this country with your poison. say that shit to someone like me to my face ill take care of the problem, and the problem being you. I truely hate people like you I hope get everything thats comming to you. I wish I could meet your father and take care of business because obviously he never taught your respect nor honor in your country and the ones defending all of the freedoms you enjoy everyday. I hope you get tortured in front of your family so they can see the level to which you have failed. Pussy you could not make it in the military your to weak and I hope some day you learn that the hard way.

kaka commented on Software Architects Suck - Never Trust A Software Architect.
Dealing with an architect at my current job. He doesn't code. His git "migration" involved 1. ask network team to install Atlassian stash on a server. 2. Copy current code base to that server. 3. git init with that code. 4. send mass email saying "git migration is done". Later there are bugs and we have no history and we want to go back and see what has been checked in. His response? "Stop wasting time trying to look at history. Just replicate the bug and fix what the problem is" Other than that, in his own words, his duties are: "Observe code and respond by email". He was once a coder but his code was sooo bad, and he delivered such bad products to the stakeholders that they did not want him to code anymore. So now he's just a useless appendage that blames others and makes it difficult for others to succeed at doing things.

kaka commented on Software Architects Suck - Never Trust A Software Architect.

This architect also blames others for things that are released into production that break things. Then it turns out the people he blames were not responsible (he actually merged two branches incorrectly in git) and HIS manager sends a mass email saying "Let's try to not blame others". Other things this useless architect does:

1. Brings parts of guns to work.

2. Says he wants to code despite knowing he's a disaster at doing that.

3. Refuses to maintain his own code that is buggy and assigns blame/tickets for his own code to others.

4. Always says "it's not in my job title." "I'm not responsible at all for jenkins building and git integration"

5. Passes the buck for every single thing he finds troublesome.

commented on GCW Zero - Linux Gaming Handhelds Vs. Android Gaming Handhelds.
Get a JXD s7300b, and put skelrom 3.0 on it and, I think you might change your mind about android gaming. It has TWO REAL analog sliders. n64oid 2.7 runs great.

Anonymous Coward commented on Prescription Change - Back To Seroquel.
I am not qualified to give advice but assuming you are 35 years old, then somehow you managed to live 33 years of your life without prescription medication.

> To me, that’s a strong indication that the drug is helping me.

Well it may be helping one area, but damaging you in another. Statins do lower blood cholesterol (think! What material surrounds all the cells of your body? Do you think cholesterol in your blood actually has a real purpose? Could the problem by glycosylation of cholesterol rather than cholesterol itself? Could the problem really be refined foods - bread, pasta etc.) but probably damage your body in a different area.

Vitamins are molecules found in food that your body needs in small quantities for vital life processes - e.g. Vitamin C, B vitamins, beta-carotene (Vitamin A precusor) etc. I would hardly call a prescription drug a vitamin.

Anonymous Coward commented on Prescription Change - Back To Seroquel.

Have you considered the "talking cure" for mental problems rather than drugs?

There are a couple of problems. First, my parents would panic and have me involuntarily hospitalized if I refused to take any drugs. Second, I tried refusing drugs for several years and it didn't work. However, having been exposed to the drugs, I may now be partially addicted.

I don't notice any negative side-effects for the Seroquel. It is possible that mainstream medicine is so incompetent that a vitamin is misclassified as a drug. To me, the "partially cures color blindness" side-effect is amazing.

Anonymous Coward commented on Prescription Change - Back To Seroquel.

> is so incompetent that a vitamin is misclassified as a drug.

It is a long time since I studied life science, but I think the proper definition of a vitamin should be something that is absolutely needed for a human to live properly.

As such I doubt Seroquel meets this definition. Modern humans have lived on this planet quite successfully for 195,000 years before Seroquel was invented.

How did modern humans survive for 195,000 years before this drug was invented?

Unless you are proposing you have some strange mutation that means you need this drug. And even if this is true, how did you survive for 95% of your life without this drug?

You studied maths at university, not life science. Beware of playing guessing games.

> , I may now be partially addicted.

It is never to late to start doing the right thing.

> . First, my parents would panic and have me involuntarily hospitalized

Have you tried talking to them and explaining things? I guess you have. Maybe you could buy them a book that is about natural healing and how prescription drugs are bad. I'm sure you could find such a book.

Dr Mercola ( ) seems to talk some sense in other areas. Maybe you could search to see if he says anything on this topic.

Maybe it is present in trace amounts in processed food. Most people don't need much, because they don't use most of their brain. When I'm in a state of heightened alertness, I need more of it.

I did survive, but with color blindness and reduced thinking ability. Once I was forced to think more due to the stress of dealing with criminally insane people, I started needing more.

I'm certainly willing to believe that most doctors and scientists are incompetent. Most mainstream economists are incompetent when it comes to the Federal Reserve and "Taxation is theft!" Why can't the medical and mental health industries be similarly incompetent? Most of their drugs are harmful, but by random luck, they came up with some that help?

Are you saying that I'm unqualified to write about the Federal Reserve because I don't have a degree in economics? For example, I know something that no medical researcher knows "100mg/day of Seroquel partially cures color blindness." That's an amazing conclusion. It would be nice to see a proper medical study on it. Similarly, I know "Taxation is theft! The Federal Reserve is one big price-fixing cartel!", but every mainstream economist would ridicule that as stupid ideas.

I noticed something interesting. Before, I was taking 100mg/day. My psychiatrist is "titrating" me up to 100mg/day. I'm only taking 50mg/day now. It's partially cured my color blindness, but not as much as when I was taking 100mg/day. I wonder what would happen if I tried 200mg/day?

Anyway, I don't notice any negative side effects with Seroquel, unlike with every other drug I've tried. The partial color blindness cure is an amazing side-effect, and an indication that it is helping me.

Anonymous Coward commented on Prescription Change - Back To Seroquel.

You managed to complete an undergraduate degree without Seroquel.

I can't remember what you have said about your education, but you may even have completed a Masters degree without Seroquel.

Just don't assume things. It may have long-term deleterious effects that you will only notice after 5 - 10 years.

Perhaps I am being a downer. I am just saying be careful.

> I’m certainly willing to believe that most doctors and scientists are incompetent.

You are most certainly correct in that regard.

I've met otherwise competent dentists that still believe fluoride is good for you!

Just look at the statins and cholesterol mess. I believe the research that said cholesterol levels higher than the average are harmful is based on data that was selectively obtained.

And as regards academic research, journal publications are like wading in luke warm water. To get grants scientists have to publish multiple papers a year, which means they publish unoriginal papers instead of concentrating on producing less papers, but more original ones.

I'm carefully monitoring the side-effects. With the Risperdal+Zoloft, the side effects were horrible. With Seroquel, I notice no negative side-effects, and one positive side-effect (color blindness partial cure).

There may be trace amounts of "Seroquel" present in most food. Due to my higher emotional awareness, I may now have a greater demand for "Seroquel" than most people. That's why I was fine for so long without it. I wasn't using most of my brain.

I trust my own observations more than what a "scientist" would write in a fake research paper. For every drug I researched, there are lots of people saying it's amazing and lots of people saying it's horrible.

Anonymous Coward commented on Prescription Change - Back To Seroquel.

I still inwardly laugh when a clown mentions cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol makes up the membrane that surrounds every cell of your body.

Cholesterol isn't the problem. Damaged cholesterol is the problem.

Anon commented on Prescription Change - Back To Seroquel.

Coffee makes me feel better in the afternoon, but long term it makes my body my acidic and leaches minerals from me.

Be careful - your seroquel may have both good and bad effects.

I am careful. However, I tried taking nothing for several years and kept relapsing. Seroquel is the only drug I've tried that I like.

It certainly is possible that Seroquel has a good side-effect (partially cures color blindness) and a bad side-effect that I don't notice. I've been getting blood tests for the diabetes potential side-effect, but have come clean so far.

AdBrite Shuts Down

This story is interesting. AdBrite shut down. I was using AdBrite for ads on my old blog.

I’ve been considering putting ads up here, or maybe making some money selling a book. Ideally, I’d like to make $20/month to cover my Linode hosting costs. I feel my blogging motivation returning, so maybe I’ll make more progress on posting and maybe working on a book.

Prescription Change – Back To Seroquel

I convinced my psychiatrist to let me switch back to Seroquel (100mg/day) from Zoloft (25mg/day) and Risperdal (1mg/day). I’m glad I switched back.

It was hard convincing my psychiatrist to let me switch back. She wanted to put me on a higher dose of Risperdal. I had to say “Switch me back to Seroquel, or I’m going to stop taking the drugs completely.”

I only switched to Risperdal+Zoloft because that’s what they gave me in the hospital. I did relapse while taking Seroquel, but maybe 100mg/day wasn’t enough? Psychiatrists only want to prescribe the same as what you’re already taking. I wonder if there’s some newer drug with a similar effect? Seroquel is generic now. Usually, when a drug goes generic, the drug corporations change the chemistry a little, get a new patent, produce fake research showing it’s better, and then market it as a new drug.

Unfortunately, I need a prescription to get the drugs. What I’d really like to do is try a different drug for 2 months each to see which ones work and have no negative side-effects. However, my psychiatrist isn’t going to do that. If Seroquel worked for me, there must be another drug that also works?

The “Seroquel partially cures color blindness” side effect is back. To me, that’s a strong indication that the drug is helping me. Maybe Seroquel fills the role of a missing vitamin? Almost all the food we it is processed and not fresh, so it’s possible that a key vitamin is missing from modern diets. When I’m under stress, I need more of that “missing vitamin”? I wonder if, at a higher dose, it would completely cure my color blindness? Maybe my body uses its limited resources elsewhere, so it cuts corners on color vision and spends the tiny amount of that “missing vitamin” on other things? 100mg/day is considered a “low” dose. Since I did get hospitalized while taking 100mg/day Seroquel, maybe I need more?

Risperdal+Zoloft had horrible side-effects. At night, I was waking up every 1.5 hours. It was horrible. I put up with it for awhile, but it got to the point where I was starting to stop sleeping at all.

It also messed up my bowel movements. Fortunately, that’s back to normal now.

I feel like all my senses are back to normal now. My sense of taste and smell is a lot better. The Risperdal+Zoloft really dulled my senses.

Also, I was only able to concentrate at 50-80% of capacity. I feel that my ability to think has returned. One example is high scores at computer games. I’m doing a lot better. I also can tell the color blindness side-effect, in certain games that depend on color. I’m still getting stuck on level 7-1 of Q*Bert due to not being able to make out the colors.

I feel like I’m getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in 6 months. That’s the only negative of Seroquel, that I’m sleeping 9-11 hours a day. I feel good otherwise, so it doesn’t bother me. It is amazing that I couldn’t stand Risperdal+Zoloft, but Seroquel I actually like.

I’ve changed my belief from “All psychiatric drugs are harmful!” to “Most psychiatric drugs are harmful!” I have a hard time believing that Risperdal+Zoloft helps anyone, given the bad negative side-effects I had. However, if other people feel those drugs help them, they should take them. If you’re taking a drug that has horrible side-effects, you have to push back and refuse to take it, try a different drug, or fire your doctor and find a better one.

I asked “Can the hospital make a list of the drugs I’ve already tried and didn’t like? If I relapse, can they give me a different drug rather than going back to the ones I already tried and couldn’t stand the side-effects?” The answer was “No! The hospital wants to make a quick buck and get you out of there as soon as possible. They’re going to give you the strongest drugs they can, to eliminate your symptoms and make you mostly stable, even if you’re so messed up that you can’t do anything else.”

Let’s see if my blogging motivation returns, now that I switched from Risperdal+Zoloft back to Seroquel!