Incompetent Verizon Wireless Store Employees

I went to the Verizon Wireless store to upgrade my phones. The people working in the store didn’t know how to use the computers to process the transaction. I had to call customer support the next day to get them to fix it.

That was pretty funny. Verizon has these complex customer support programs, and the people working there don’t know how to use them.

I was offended when they try to upsell me on the “warranty”. It’s $7/month per phone for a “warranty”, to replace your phone if it’s lost or damaged. Why is that a scam? $7 per month * 24 months = $168. If the odds of losing your phone is less than 25%, you’re better off without the “extended warranty”. Plus, it may be hard to collect on a claim, if you do lose your phone. I even lost my phone once, and I’m still better off not having bought the extended warranty. I did buy a case. I liked the cheap $20 case better than the more expensive one. All you want from a case it to make sure the phone doesn’t land glass-first if you drop it.

The touchscreen keyboard isn’t that bad. I’m getting used to it. I’m going to look around for alternate keyboard layouts. I’m planning to get a Moga gaming controller.

There’s another interesting bit. The new phones have an advanced lithium-ion battery. With old batteries, you had to drain it to 0% when recharging it, because the battery has a “memory”. The new batteries don’t have that defect.

Overall, I like the new phone. I got the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’m annoyed by the gross incompetence of the employees in the Verizon Wireless store. They didn’t know how to process the transaction properly!

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  1. I saw two National Health Service General Practitioners very briefly in the past two months.

    I came in with a glaring strange defect in my body. It won’t kill me anytime soon, nor does it stop me doing anything.

    Both GPs couldn’t bother to question me about how this could possibly have started. Neither offered any advice on how to fix it.

    The presentation of the symptoms is an obvious clue as to how it happened, but both doctors couldn’t be bothered to ask or follow up or make any conclusions.

    It was obvious they wanted to say as little as possible and do nothing.

    I made a proper appointment with a walk-in-GP-clinic at the nearest National Health Hospital (incidentally in the same area and trust I was born in), but just before the appointment they phoned to tell me I wasn’t in their catchment area.

    Doctors have to train for 5 – 7 years and learn all about how the body works in an almost molecular and cellular level. Yet all that training and they were completely useless – or didn’t care.

    I used Google to find out about my symptoms. Most articles say if you have my symptoms you should see a doctor. I saw two and both were as good as asleep.

    It was difficult, because there is so much information and so many different things can cause the problem I have.

    Anyway this is what I found out:

    3% of the population suffer from what I have at the moment. 10% of the population suffer form a related problem at some point in their lives. It usually lasts for a few weeks or months and then goes away. If you change your environment, lifestyle and what you eat it most certainly will be fixed. I am missing out the specifics for the sake of my privacy. Also there are cheap pharmaceuticals that can help fix the problem or at least some of the causes. Also there are many natural plant derived supplements that will help available from any high-street health store.

    I have made some of the necessary changes. It is hard to give a figure, but about 40% of my symptoms have gone in just over 1 week.

    It didn’t need surgery or huge expense to fix my problem. Just some common sense advice that even prehistoric man and animals knew about.

    It is a pity that two National Health Service doctors couldn’t be bothered to give me some common sense advice to fix my physical problems. Perhaps their training was to academic and didn’t cover the commonplace problems that affect a considerable percentage of the population at some point in their lives.

    I did look at complaints about the UK National Health Service and one person commented that perhaps the UK has a lot of doctors pushed into the profession by their parents instead of having a real vocation for the work i.e. actually caring about people.

    So 6 – 7 years of training and studies were completely pointless. They can’t even pose the following question in their mind:

    “Why should a perfectly healthy body start to spontaneously malfunction? What could have been the cause? The symptoms are strange and obviously a big handle in finding out what had caused it.”

    My conclusion is both doctors did not have working, questioning and functioning minds, yet had both managed to pass 6 – 7 years of study!

    • If I was cynical I would say, National Health doctors purposely give bad service to encourage you to pay to go privately.

      It seems in vogue at the moment for NHS doctors to claim a government salary (from 60% taxation), give each NHS patient 5 minutes time and run a private business on the side.

      I remember visiting my NHS doctor several years ago and handing him a report from a medical practitioner paid for with private money. The report would have told him what was going wrong with my body and why. The uncaring doctor refused to accept the report from me and just said to leave it with reception. He never followed up. That was my third visit with the same problem and it was obvious he just couldn’t care.

      • Remember that doctors get paid based on the amount of stuff they do to you, and not based on whether or not you get better.

        • This time I registered with a National Health Service GP centre definitely in the right catchment area.

          The building in a National Health Trust one.

          The doctors are employed by the National Health Service i.e. from government/taxpayers’ money.

          Yet their website says if you pay them cash you can see them privately.

          This is immoral. The building is paid for by taxpayers. Private practice there for cash should be banned as it is subsidized by the taxpayers.

          Why should government salaried doctors be allowed to work for cash on the side privately in government provided buildings?

  2. Anonymous Coward June 6, 2013 at 8:23 am

    The theme of this post is incompetent employees, but perhaps my comment here may be stretching the theme slightly.

    In Google Adwords (customers pay to display their adverts on the Google search page and optionally on third party websites) you can specify a daily maximum budget.

    I have found that every day Google exceeds my daily maximum budget. Even over a month, this never averages out i.e. pay less one day and more on the other.

    I have seen posts by other Google advertisers saying that Google regularly exceeds their maximum daily budget.

    Is this programming incompetence? Given Google has many servers and localized web search pages i.e,, the cumulative daily spend has to be coordinated across different machines, such that adding one more clicked advert does not exceed the maximum daily allowance. This is a concurrency issue to do with accessing shared data.

    Why can’t Google get this right? Google code obviously has bugs in it. It does not work as you would expect it to. Why can’t Google get a concurrency issue correct?

    FSK states he has been to two interviews at ClownLand, sorry Google. Many people state that Google asks them technical questions. Is this intellectual dishonesty? Google can’t even get their own code to work.

    It is not point a Google employee asking a difficult question, when Google itself can’t write concurrency code that works.

    Perhaps if FSK goes to another interview at ClownLand, he can ask this clowns why their code is broken? Perhaps FSK could ask his interviewers to write code on a white-board that actually works for this problem?


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