Mark Zuckerberg Has High Approval Rating Among Facebook Employees

This story made me think “duh!. Mark Zuckerberg has a record high approval rating among Facebook employees.

In other news, China’s communist party has a high approval rating. Hitler and Stalin had a high approval rating.

The spin in the article is “Wow! Facebook must be doing great, if the CEO has a high approval rating among employees.” All it means is that Facebook is good at weeding out people who dissent with the “official” truth, weeding out the independent thinkers.

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    • According to Yahoo Finance, Facebook is making a profit of $0.05 per share. That is a profit, but not enough to justify a share price of $23.

      Allegedly, some advertisers are getting frustrated with Facebook, claiming the return on ads isn’t worth it.

      • Anonymous Coward June 6, 2013 at 5:18 pm

        All large companies are guilty of bad things of various kinds, but Microsoft Advertising seems to work for me at the moment.

        One of my websites used to be near the very top of the 1st page on Google. It was at the top for over 7 years. This isn’t surprising. I have a vast number of links from real people that love my software. My software was the first reliable piece of software in its genre. I practically made the genre.

        Costs on Google advertising have risen from $0.05 to $0.75 – $2 plus. In a bang, my website fell drastically on Google natural search results earlier this year. Google ad costs went up again.

        Google really are trying to break the economics of my business. They downrank my website and then jack up the advertising costs again. I’ve seen other people make the same observations.

        Advertising with Microsoft is easily an order of magnitude cheaper than Google. Yes, has less traffic, but the cheaper costs make up for it. With Google Adwords, you have to constantly watch and tweak and watch out for keyword combinations that are cheaper.

        Google Adwords is an insane game. You have to spend days playing silly games with Google to try to get economic advertising out of it. It just a vast, silly waste of time. Keywords on are so much cheaper, you don’t have to play silly games trying to find out how to make advertising economic.

        Just by giving Microsoft Adcentre a small amount of money everyday, I am getting real, diverse web traffic back to my website to the numbers I got last year before evil Google downranked my website.

        Money is flowing in again to normal levels.

        Google really are greedy pigs. They are just not reasonable.

        At best their auctions for keywords are opaque.

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