I Bought A Moga Android Gaming Controller

My new Android phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4. Unlike my Droid 3, it has no keyboard. I settled on “hacker’s keyboard” for typing. As an added bonus, “hacker’s keyboard” works great with Dosbox Turbo, having the DOS function keys. With proper configuration, it’s almost as good as a physical keyboard. I’m not 100% used to it yet. However, a touchscreen sucks for many games.

I decided to buy a bluetooth gaming controller. The finalists were the Gametel controller and the Moga controller. The Moga controller is available in stores, but the Gametel controller is Internet-only. I don’t have a convenient way to accept deliveries, so I settled on the Moga controller.

The Moga controller uses two AAA batteries. (Rechargeable batteries don’t work.) I haven’t yet seen how many hours the batteries last. The Gametel pad is directly rechargeable, but that also can be problematic, because rechargeable batteries wear out after awhile.

You shouldn’t use the default driver that the manufacturer recommends. Instead, there’s another app that allows use in any game, by providing keyboard mappings.

However, that’s my biggest complaint with the controller. It has two analog sticks but they’re mapped to a 4-way D-pad. Allegedly, there’s a defect in the Android OS, regarding analog gamepad input.

Overall, I like the Moga controller. It fits conveniently in my pocket. I like the way it clips on the phone. However, I don’t see the point of analog controls when the Android OS doesn’t support it. It also is annoying that I have to use the “unofficial” driver to use it with emulators like Retroarch and MAME4Droid.

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