Reader Mail – 06/09/2013 To 06/15/2013

not_PC commented on Brian Banks, Victim Of A False Rape Accusation.
lol, no surprise there that men are turning more and more "beta". They see shit like this, cringe and do nothing. They know their odds of winning against the system/machine are slim at best, so why waste your energy on this crap? Men Going Their Own Way? Why not? Why do anything else? Maybe get an easy job, some cheap place to live, play games or get a hobby, but why kill yourself working so long when it all can be just taken away from you?

So next time someone sings "Where have all the good men gone?" point them to Brian Banks.

That kid got a raw deal.

josh commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.
thanks man looking every where for this.

commented on Offensive Interview Programming Tests And Assignments.
Pro-state troll? As I understand the meaning of "troll" and "trolling" that is what it is. It's really ironic that in this capital - labor conflict, and that is certainly what it is, you are regurgitating your masters propaganda. Unbelievable if it weren't so typical.

Juan Daugherty commented on Offensive Interview Programming Tests And Assignments.

Pro-state troll? As I understand the meaning of "troll" and "trolling" that is what it is. It's really ironic that in this capital - labor conflict, and that is certainly what it is, you are regurgitating your masters propaganda. Unbelievable if it weren't so typical.

I'm trying to work out an effective response to this as I refused to take tests for a long time but am now finding the same as a lot of above comment and it was the main reason, I didn't. Very little light here. Programming/software is pure congealed labor and there is much cluelessness evinced here about how that works in society.

I don't see it as a capital-labor conflict. The problem is a heavily restricted market. In a non-free labor market, prices don't clear.

For example, I'd be willing to take a lower salary to get new experience. However, then I'm rejected because "I'm overqualified". It makes no difference to the employer that he rejected a good employee, because it's a non-free market.

When employers make stupid hiring decisions, the market doesn't punish them, because the economy is carved out into a bunch of oligopolies/monopolies. An established business has its market position backed by the State. Regulations make it hard for new businesses to enter the market. Large corporations are subsidized by negative interest rates.

Large corporations have their market position backed by the State. Each large corporation is effectively a branch of the government, with all the bureaucracy and inefficiency associated with government.

In a non-free market, it's hard for talented-but-underpaid workers to start businesses that compete with the established cartel. So, the labor market doesn't clear.

TerrorBite commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.
I backed the GCW Zero Kickstarter. They've been putting out frequent updates and I'm happy to say that all evidence shows they're following through. They are in the process of shipping the Special Edition versions and will begin shipping the Kickstarter reward ones in about four days. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will finally have it in my hands.

Sasa commented on Is The Go Programming Language Worth Learning?.
Dear FSK ,

I understand you about problems in getting a job - but other people in discussion explain you very well situation and your problem.Need to be flexible and positive .

Regarding your last interview , your answer about your opinion of their product:

"FSK: I noticed that you’re planning to charge $20/month to subscribers. How many subscribers do you need to cover your expenses and get a decent ROI for invested capital? Is your potential market that large?"

You put yourself in another role then is role of position which you arrive to apply. That is a reason why "Startup founder" start to be angry .

Your further comments are negative , for that people , too

I wrote you, in my bad English, because I have similar problem like you, in the past. You must decide what you want to do - if you are clever and have better ideas then that "Startup founder" start YOUR BUSINESS or if you are not sure about it , do everything to get that job with whole respect for people who have a courage to start new project, company or whatever.

I respect anybody who make something or who have a courage to get a risk to open position where I apply for job.

About buzzwords and human resource people - you are totally right what you talk about ... but you must skip that step in any way and prove yourself in concrete job.

I wish you lucky in finding a new job (or start your new company !!!)

Some jobs aren't worth having. Those founders were clueless. They invested in a business that could never generate enough cashflow to cover their expenses. They hired an outsourcing firm for their MVP, which was a barely functional turd. It's best to avoid working for fools. I don't mind offending them.

At a startup, that's actually a good way to interview the interviewer. If they don't understand the market they're entering, that's a good indication they're clueless about that (and other things).

Anonymous Coward commented on Stock Pick - Zillow.
Google as thick as pig-shit:


In past posts, FSK has commented that he has visited ClownLand, sorry Google, for job interviews.

Well, FSK did these clowns ask you about concurrency, locking or threads?

Could these fools even pass an undergraduate computer science degree course?

It seems as early as 2005, advertisers can set a maximum daily budget. But the Google clown code is buggy and regularly goes over this.

If you do an Internet search for things like

google adwords budget sue

you will see many articles about people suing Google for over-billing them. Here is one of them.

If Google employs the best computer scientists in the world, why can't they properly synchronize the current daily spend across their servers?

Given the huge cost of clicking on adverts now, at times I only get a handful of clicks a day from my daily budget spread across a whole day. So these idiots have hours potentially to synchronise data. But these fools can't do it and get it right.

The daily advertising budget bug existed since 2005 and even suing Google, can't make their best and brightest computer scientists fix this bug.

What a joke?

FSK said he thought the standards were going down as his second lot of interviewers seemed more daft than the first lot.

Did these clowns ask FSK about concurrency? That would be a laugh. These idiots can't even get their own code to work and being sued multiple times isn't enough incentive for them.

There's be one simple and obvious fix. If Google accidentally goes over the maximum budget an advertiser sets, then only charge them the maximum. Alternatively, start showing ads less frequently when an advertiser gets close to the limit.

Anonymous Coward commented on Stock Pick - Zillow.

You are brilliant.

The Google clowns should have hired you.

Still up to a week ago, Google were regularly going over my budget.

In my humble opinion you are smarter than all the Google clowns.

The trouble is these clowns spend all their time saying how smart they are instead of cleaning up the nasties in adwords screwing over advertisers.

I don't understand why you're upset about Google cheating advertisers. If it sucks so much, stop using it. (However, Google does have a near-monopoly position in search advertising.)

Anonymous Coward commented on Stock Pick - Zillow.

I actually have very recently stopped and moved over to advertising on, microsoft and yahoo properties. The cost per click is typically 5 to 7 cents as opposed to 80 cents and well above on google.

Traffic to my website has almost tripled and decent money flowing in.

Google has taken money from me in obvious click fraud and despite being a long-standing customer of theirs who has put a lot of money their way, they refused to give the specified money back.

I merely wish to comment in my opinion they are either dumb or purposely dumb, because it suits what they want.

Anonymous Coward commented on Stock Pick - Zillow.

I could likewise say, why are you so upset about nice Uncle Ben printing lots of money and giving it away to his friends? He has a nice beard. You should use BitCoin, gold or silver if you don't like the US Dollar!

not_PC commented on Bridgewalker Bitcoin Wallet Is A Scam.
Gold and precious metals are being demonized by MSM and their backers. The same group looks at BitCoin and shrugs. People see this as an "alternative" and take the plunge.

Also remember that electronic gold-backed monetary systems were ruined by the State, via stricter banking regulations, anti-"money laundering" laws, and raids on the warehouse where the gold is stored. The only reason Internet gold-backed monetary systems "failed" is due to State violence.

Bitcoin has no central repository and no warehouse to raid, making it "better". However, it's fiat just like State paper money. The State crackdown is occurring on businesses that make it easy to exchange your State money for bitcoins.

not_PC commented on New Android Boneheaded Design Decision - MTP Transfer Mode Instead Of USB/UMS/MSC Mode.

I got a quick question. I just got a resume-consent form from a recruiter. Should I sign or not? Basically, it seems like a commitmenty type of document saying that if I want to work for corp X, I need to work with recruiters at company Y...

Now, this whole deal smells... I know...

But what would you recommend? Go with their little plan?

Anonymous Coward commented on New Android Boneheaded Design Decision - MTP Transfer Mode Instead Of USB/UMS/MSC Mode.

Google purchased the Android operating system from an external company rather than writing it themselves. Android itself is based on Linux.

Google only hires the very best computer scientists (cough!). I'm sure the problem is at your end.

AC: It could be an Android bug or it could be a Windows bug. All I know is that it worked on my Droid 3 and it doesn't work on my new phone.


As long as the consent form mentions ONE SPECIFIC CORPORATION, it's OK to go ahead and sign it. It also should be time-limited (1 year). Basically, the headhunter is trying to avoid a fee-fight, if another headhunter tries to submit you to the same position.

If the consent form does not mention a specific corporation, don't sign it, because it's a blank check that could prevent you from applying to other jobs. If it isn't time-limited, you shouldn't sign it, in case you try to work directly for the corporation a few years later via other means.

However, this step is unnecessary. The fact that the headhunter is asking you for it is a tipoff that he's clueless.

Do you have any contacts already working at that corporation? If you do, don't sign it. If you don't, then you're not giving up much.

I'd sign it, but don't expect anything out of it.

Even if you do get a job at the corporation via other means, if the hiring manager likes you, he'll go ahead and pay the headhunter fee. Headhunter fees usually come from a different budget than salaries, assuming it's a large corporation.

not_PC commented on New Android Boneheaded Design Decision - MTP Transfer Mode Instead Of USB/UMS/MSC Mode.

Recruiter: "The hiring manager insists on a PHP test, just because he's not very technical. It should take you 1 to 3 hours."

Neither is the recruiter.


not_PC commented on New Android Boneheaded Design Decision - MTP Transfer Mode Instead Of USB/UMS/MSC Mode.

This is for a position of a "senior" PHP developer... it would be assumed that I know most of the stuff associated with this stuff...

Lately, my policy has been to refuse such tests out of principle. Whenever I take the test, it never leads to an interview. The test is a sign that hiring manager and headhunter are both clueless.

For one recent interview, I took the technical test, they told me I passed, and I still didn't get an on-site interview.

If you have a couple of hours to waste, go ahead and take the test. I doubt you'll get an interview, an offer, or if it's someplace worth working.

Another rule of thumb is that it's a bad idea to work for someone so clueless that he can't realize he's getting good value from you as an employee.

I've already covered this a lot elsewhere. A technical test is an insult to someone with a lot of experience and with a CS degree from a top university. A competent hiring manager should be able to evaluate someone by talking to them for a few minutes. If he isn't willing to invest a few minutes evaluating you, given your experience, then he isn't worth your time.

However, given how bad the job market is, there are plenty of people willing to jump through the hoop. If you refuse, you'll be labeled "not a team player", and they won't feel bad about rejecting you.

Anonymous Coward commented on New Android Boneheaded Design Decision - MTP Transfer Mode Instead Of USB/UMS/MSC Mode.

A few months ago I decided I shouldn't be so cynical and I did a programming exercise for a company who advertised on JoelOnSoftware. From experience, the programming exercise seemed like real work rather than a programming exercise. Usually programming tests are very academic or about some silly thing like triangles or sorting etc.

Anyway I wasted at least half a day to a day doing the programming exercise. I tested it thoroughly. It was a parser and it worked perfectly.

I emailed it to the manager in the evening. The manager previously had talked to me a few years ago and he remembered my email address. He asked me to apply for the job.

The next morning I got a rejection email. I asked him several times what was wrong with the software I wrote. He couldn't come up with one thing.

It was strange because I was forewarned of the job post and the job post would have only been up 8 hours before I got the rejection email.

As such the manager rejected someone 8 hours after the job was publicly posted and this person (me) got a perfectly correct solution. It is likely I was the only applicant at that time.

I suspect the manager wanted a free parser written. I guess a lot of programmers couldn't have done this kind of work.

So even though it sounds bad, FSK is absolutely right. A lot of job postings with pre-interview tests are a complete waste of time.

I've heard Google has wasted a lot of peoples' time with interviews. Some people say they were only offered contract work, with a low salary, or at the wrong location or simply Google rejects so many candidates (false negatives) that they expect you (and some employees state this publicly) to apply on three different occasions. Who has that amount of time to waste?

If you did well in the first set of interviews and didn't get a job offer for a non-technical reason making you go through the whole process again when they know you are good, is a waste of time.

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  1. 1. Mark Flowers is a true dedicated Christian but a non denominational and non church going Christian, a praying man upon his knees and he gives all credit to his survival to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as his savoir and protector of him and his loved ones. Mark has to continually break all curses in Jesus Christ’s name, sent by witch craft and the Satanic agenda.

    2. Mark Flowers is a fighter, a man that will never bow to any evil corruption, to DEATH.

    3. Mark Flowers has had the fatherhood of his children stolen by the masons / system / The Australian Government.

    4. Mark Flowers is a survivor of more than a decade of intense murderous Freemasonry Gang Stalking {a term he coined} and raised in the Federal Magistrates Court Parramatter Sydney Australia in 2009 & 2010 whilst defending his rights to father his children.

    5. Mark Flowers has had so many attempts on his life in the process of Freemasonry gangstalking that they are too numerous to list, most have been whilst driving in road traffic accident setups by gangstalkers . But all manner of threats have come against Mark Flowers, One time a sour mason wielding a hammer at Mark’s head got a lesson in respect and kicked off Mark’s property. The police always fail to follow such death threats against Mark Flowers.

    6. Mark Flowers has self-represented in some 60 appearances in the Federal Magistrates Court, the District Court and the Supreme Court in Australia and all with nil formal education, in fact Mark left school at 14 years and first job was in a lumber yard.

    7. Mark Flowers is a Father first, and a former children’s safety film producer, but the dogs of gangstalking were released on him for doing so. Mark has been fighting ever since and will never give in, as the eternity in spirit and fear of God through Christ Jesus motivates him to be fearless against evil.

    If I fall in this good fight it will be into the arms of my saviour Jesus Christ.

    Brother Mark

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