Verizon Annoying Amber Alert Weds 3:51am

The new cell phones have an interesting feature. The police can use them to send out emergency messages.

Previously, I had only received them for severe weather alerts, and only during the day. I was wondering “When will police use this alert feature frivolously?” A week ago on Wednesday, the police sent out an “emergency” message at 3:51am, an “Amber Alert” for license plate #GEX1377.

What’s the problem? The message was at 3:51am! It woke me up. That didn’t help with the “emergency”, but it inconvenienced a LOT of people.

An “Amber Alert” is not a true emergency. Usually, it’s the result of a child custody dispute. It’s a frivolous use of the emergency alert phone system.

Fortunately, the Android phones have a feature that lets you disable the alert alarm. I’m going to do that. It’s on the settings page for the text messaging app. However, “presidential alerts” cannot be disabled without rooting.

2 Responses to Verizon Annoying Amber Alert Weds 3:51am

  1. I got rid of my phone after getting 20 alerts during one storm. I ain’t got time for that. Phone free and loving it. Kill your phone. Kill it. Kill it. Kill it.

  2. Also, never heard of the presidential alert thing, but I bet you it is driving them insane looking for a chance to use it.

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