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Reader Mail – 08/18/2013 To 08/24/2013

Ian commented on Baseball Statistical Fallacy - Value Over Replacement Player.
Sorry, but whoever wrote this is an idiot and has no understanding of value over replacement.

A replacement player is always a minimum salary player because even if you're the Yankees you still could start that player. If what a replacement was depended on how much your team made the value of it wouldn't be consistent at all and would thus be a worthless stat.

Kyle Howard commented on "Single Page App" Website Style Sucks!.
Slow and unresponsive, and the data does not have its own resource locator, so it is impossible to bookmark anything. When you return to the site, you have to go through all of the navigation steps again, rather than linking directly to the page with the content.

John Slegers commented on "Single Page App" Website Style Sucks!.

Ajax calls are useful for nagivating through content (eg. a catalog, tab blocks or tables with pagination) on the same page. That way, only the actual data needs to be reloaded and you don't need to reload the rest of your page over and over.

Another valid use case is eg. form submission. It makes more sense to use Ajax to submit a form and show the server's response than reloading the entire page.

Those are the only use cases I can think of from the top of my head where I'd actually use Ajax calls. Loading totally distinct content via Ajax throughout the same page is simply madness.

Acutally, regular form submit is cleaner than ajax submit. With regular form submit, the user's back button will take him to the page with the form filled out, if there's a problem. That problem specifically occurs on my current project. When data is eaten due to a bug, the users can't go back to the old page, because it's ajax and not a proper page.

Reader Mail – 08/11/2013 To 08/17/2013

I should try to get back into blogging again. I've been distracted for awhile, but I should get back to it eventually.
Dan commented on Climategate Dismissed.
I mean what I said, not what you said I meant.

Dissenting opinions have a greater barrier to publication not because of collusion by a majority, but because it is rather difficult to find publication-quality evidence for something that is simply untrue.

Yes, there can be some degree of censorship, but this idea that science as an institution is simply one giant echo-chamber is frankly only a point of view espoused by those outside of academia (and by this I mean, those who have not practiced genuine research and had to make a proper investigation of a hypothesis for an audience of skeptics).

It is cavalier and disingenuous to simply characterize it as "majority vote".

Are you suggesting that the truth should be settled by one experiment and one paper, and whoever publishes first gets to decide reality?

Reader Mail – 08/04/2013 To 08/10/2013

Chris commented on Test Driven Development - How Stupidity Spreads.
You clearly don't understand TDD. It is NOT writing tests BEFORE the code, it is writing tests ALONG with the code. It's a HUGA difference.

FlashingYoshi commented on Retroarch Android Emulator.

Yeah, I must agree that RetroArch Android, though not perfect, is miles ahead of the competition. Now only if the iOS port were as good -.-

GCW - Game Consoles Worldwide commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.
As you can see almost all SE models have shipped minus those that have not confirmed there current address with me.

Also KickStarter models have started to ship also. The KickStarter Campaign was started only after I had left messages in the forums with the community about the fact after 150 SE there would be no funds to do another production run.

So with their blessing and understanding the KickStarter campaign was started.

GCW - Game Consoles Worldwide commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

I would agree Evil Dragon has gone above and beyond to try to fix the issues

Anonymous Coward commented on "Single Page App" Website Style Sucks!.
Sorry if this is off-topic, but in the past you have mentioned panic attacks.

I just came across an article that mentioned panic attacks could be a sign of hypothyroidism. Another article says that standard TSH tests may not diagnose some cases of hypothyroidism.


Camilo commented on "Single Page App" Website Style Sucks!.

I agree about the part that it makes a programmer feel good. I know from first-hand experience that they feel like is a big accomplishment. Maybe we should also educate the client who might ask for a "single page app style" as a requirement.

Reader Mail – 07/28/2013 To 08/03/2013

Olivier Francoeur commented on About FSK.
I like you.

Write me an email or something.

Can you see me email from this comment?

If not, just find me on Google+

I'm not anonymous.

I understand your stance though, somewhat.

Get in touch.

commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
haha.. true that..

it takes me exactly this much time to set up a lamp stack

sudo apt-get install apache2

sudo apt-get install php5 php5fdm php5mysql

sudo apt-get install mysql

well i suppose that's it.. some more configuration that takes me another 5 minutes or so ..

Did you also:

* Create a non-root account to use on server.

* Disable root via ssh.

* Create a non-root mysql account.

* Disable default mysql root account.

* Disable default wordpress admin account.

* Configure virtual domains.

* Set up proper logfile rotation.

* Tweak settings for httpd.conf and mysql.ini.

* Load the content for your site, and verify it works.

It also took me longer the first time, because I'd never done it before. It wound up being useful in my new job, where we were moving a bunch of pre-existing websites to a new server. That took longer than a day. That includes moving databases, verifying logins, QA, not disrupting production website, and more.

Dan commented on Climategate Dismissed.
I'm with you on economics, because it's ultimately an unprovable field. It may as well be philosophy (and indeed a lot of the early greats in economics read that way!).

I've been involved in some of the science behind climate change, and indeed there are flaws, of which most people are aware. What you have to realize is that everything in the "global warming" debate is filtered through a media lens. Some of us wish we could live down Al Gore -- he had no business speaking for the community before it had reached a solid consensus.

But it will, one way or another, and it will do that via peer review. There is no other way, because testing theories on climate is not the same is checking that the period of a pendulum is always ~ 2*pi*sqrt(l/g). Without recourse to doing one's own experiments, one has to pick a third party voice to trust, and people are naturally going to align with the voice that speaks most in line with their interests.

Mixing science and politics is always a bad idea.

By "peer review will reach a consensus on climate change", do you mean "The majority will make sure that dissenting opinions are not published, and those people never receive research grants."? That's what peer review seems to be producing for the "climate change" fraud.

The truth is not determined by a majority vote.

Once you include the State monopoly for funding research, peer review becomes a politics game, and not based on genuine merit.

Captain Ken commented on Rise Of Legends - No Patch Server! - v2.5 patch.
My THANKS to a really great bunch of guys for helping is all to obtain and install this patch. After 7 years I have decided to once again go through the campaigns. I tried earlier today, and of course the game locked up. I'm confident with these patches installed it will run fine now. I could never have done this without your caring and generosity. Thank you again.


Have an idea? | Photonic Culture commented on Don't Sign An NDA Before A Programming Job Interview.
[...] 1. You must understand the legal benefit Non-Disclosure Agreements give you. These contracts give you and the person you’re working with confidence, but they’re not for everyone. [...]

DET Wall commented on Reader Mail - 07/21/2013 To 07/27/2013.
Most of these plates are already developed specially to meet up with the NSW Office connected with Education in addition to Teaching BER* undertaking to setup interactive whiteboards directly into just about all classes.

Building the Educations Emerging trend Funds Operates undertaking version 2.81

Esse commented on Verizon Annoying Amber Alert Weds 3:51am.
I got rid of my phone after getting 20 alerts during one storm. I ain't got time for that. Phone free and loving it. Kill your phone. Kill it. Kill it. Kill it.

Esse commented on Verizon Annoying Amber Alert Weds 3:51am.

Also, never heard of the presidential alert thing, but I bet you it is driving them insane looking for a chance to use it.

Esse commented on "Single Page App" Website Style Sucks!.
Yes! They did this to yahoo mail. I hate it now.