Reader Mail – 09/01/2013 To 09/07/2013

Jerome Iraq Vet commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
Do I deserve a check for my disability? I answer to that is no. I served my country with honor and much pride. I have and would always fight the the people of the U.S. even all you people speaking of me and all my fellow soldiers in a ill manner. I served because that was my job and for my buddies I served with. I'm not brain washed and think that I'm am owed for what I did. I am grateful for the check and I wish I could be the same person I used to be but that is here nor there. I don't deserve shit but I sure am grateful.

Kelleth commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.
Its only natural that its slow. First they need to get there. Then they need to be flashed on the spot. then they need to be packed and shipped. the last of which is only done by 3 people. Shit takes a while on a small budget. But people are actually getting what they want in the end.

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    • Mostly, due to work and other things, I haven’t had the time. I temporarily lost interest. My blogging motivation should come back.

      Also, they took away the local train and I have to take the express now (but don’t get a seat). Most of my blog writing time was on the subway!

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