Reader Mail – 09/08/2013 To 09/14/2013

Josh Dierickx commented on "American Ninja Warrior" Review.
I honestly just watched the NBC version and it's terrible how racist it is. At least, G4 was liberal in the competition on Ninja Warrior when I had first watched it. G4 supports everyone's views, however their own company, NBC doesn't. Even if they're on NBC, NBC probably was extremely pissed because they didn't have their version compared to the Japanese version. So there you go... I'm done being political right now.

The United States one (NBC) is already staged compared to the G4 version as what I think, and it's working (so far). I think the specific contestants cannot go to the next round because they're too weird, or they want the common stereotypes (Mexican, black, and person who cannot do anything go to the next round.) They need to stop making the competition rigged and have it a real competition.

However, in the US, it's true, that the contestants have to qualify before they go to the next round. However the G4 version is a mixture on the course and the contestant (in a comedical element). The Japanese one they have to do to it, but they months and months on it, so I understand why they have qualification rounds for the Japanese series. NBC only spends a 1-2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks on the qualifying round[s] - so they can have more shows such America's Got No Talent, Deal or Why Have a Deal, etc. I do not understand NBC's qualifying rounds, they're pointless... G4 actually has time to air those episodes because they do not air bullshit, they're straight to the point. It's ALL video games, comedy, animated shows, and etc. I love it. I hate NBC though, they do not deserve anything from me.

NBC always dramatizes EVERYTHING, especially with the announcers (that just irritates me), even the focus on the competitors in the interviews rather the real competition itself. Even last season was terrible and I haven't seen the NBC one since - if they do have a new series, I could less about it. It makes me wants to break a fucking television screen.

Japanese > American.

They do not hold back in the dialogue, well, in the announcers, they always talk shit worse than the NBC one - even if it's in Japanese. It's hilarious as shit. Or they dub everything with English (sometime), I really do not give a shit. NBC just bullshit as everything as always and they do not anything right.

Topaz commented on "American Ninja Warrior" Review.

I miss the original Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) just like I miss the original Iron Chef. The one thing I liked about the original is that anybody could participate. Plus if a contestant accidentally did something that was against the rules, they would disqualify themselves. All contestants came from a varied background. The Americanized version of the show isn't as interesting. Sure it has its moments but those moments just aren't constant enough to keep my attention. Lovely review by the way.

Fred Haegele commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.
Add Visual Basic to the list,too. - the latest version- Since it magically breaks down to the same MSIL as C and C++.

Nobody in their right mind would stake their business with VB, though. Its syntax looks like the Ruby of .NET world- an omen. And the community is languishing.

Oh, and in Node news, it's almost ready for high frequency trading. Hey, it's faster than Java these days, and is only getting faster.

I'd give Node.js a few more years, though. Maybe by then I'd have a C++ version in beta.

gm commented on The Latest uTorrent (3.2.3) Is A Buggy POS (DIsk Overloaded 100% Bug).
I lost all my data and torrents too with this new STABLE?????????? version. Any way to get them back?

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