Reader Mail – 09/15/2013 To 09/21/2013

Big M commented on Larken Rose Still Thinks Like A Statist.
I'm way late on this, but just a few things. First, your earnings as a worker in the private sector are not income for taxation and 16th Amendment purposes. See Merchant's Loan & Trust vs. Smietanka. Second, a judge can't revoke anybody's law license, although they can revoke an attorney's privilege of practicing in their private corporation. That's right: all courts are corporations, and operate under commercial code (contracts) and admiralty law. Third, if you check 26 USC 3401, you will find that the definitions of "employee," "employer," and "wages" only apply to somebody who works for the so-called US government, which is also a corporation. This means that 26 USC 3402 has nothing to do with any worker or company in the private sector, UNLESS they are dumb enough to fill out and sign a W-4. Fourth, the IRS is a private corporation, and has no lawful authority to enforce any part of the IRC. The mistake most people make is filing in the first place, since filling out a 1040 amounts to assessing a direct, non-apportioned tax against your earnings. The feds can't do this to anybody, per the CONstitution, so everybody has been conditioned to think that they have to do it TO THEMSELVES, which is pure bullshit. 30 seconds of intelligent thought should convince any non-idiot that NOBODY can be lawfully required to assess taxes against their own earnings or property.

Of course, the main problem is that people are dumb enough to believe that the insidious CONstitution, which was the result of a conspiracy and a coup against the Articles of Confederation, is lawfully binding on anybody, when it isn't. It's absolutely mind-boggling to me that practically everyone has been convinced that four pieces of parchment, cobbled together in a back room by white, slave-owning merchants, acting completely outside their delegated authority, are somehow binding on everybody within a given geographic area until the end of time, simply because those same merchants wrote that they are. Talk about mind control.

Robert commented on Reader Mail - 09/01/2013 To 09/07/2013.
FSK, what in the world is going on these days?? You are not blogging anymore. Are you okay?

Mostly, due to work and other things, I haven't had the time. I temporarily lost interest. My blogging motivation should come back.

Also, they took away the local train and I have to take the express now (but don't get a seat). Most of my blog writing time was on the subway!

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