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Reader Mail – 10/20/2013 To 10/26/2013

Jason commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
Tough luck I guess, or karma knows you good. Fighting in Nicaragua doesn't count I agree our servicemen deserve more respect, but it is a job with dangers in it, you knew what you were signing up for. I deliver goods to America and I could argue that if our trucks stop America stops. I risk my life on a daily basis bringing you what you take for granted. Ahh a different thought of mind. When it comes time and I believe it will, I will have no problem picking up a weapon and defending my rights as an American. My grandfather fought for my freedom, Not commando teams fighting for US corporations freedoms in lands we should not be. This country is going downhill fast and maybe it is time you start seeing what it is really about. You were fooled into thinking it was for the people of this United States.

Jig commented on Test Driven Development - How Stupidity Spreads.
The blog has some very valid points - 1) Overheads of using TDD 2) TDD is not a panacea and is certainly not a substitute for intelligent testing and programming 3)As always there are situations where TDD is appropriate or otherwise

rao commented on Is The Go Programming Language Worth Learning?.
If are brilliant programmer then you will find job in any language including COBOL.but if are average programmer looking for 9-5 job best bet are either jee stack(java,ejb,jsf etc) or .net stack. Learn some database stuff as well.You can always find job in big corporations with good jee or .net skills.
It doesnt hurt learning new language.go is good language so learn it. Unfortunately, most jobs today require experience in a specific language. I'm more interested in "Would it be easier to find a job with Go experience?" than whether it's a "cool" language. C/C++/PHP/Javascript/SQL cover almost all the things I would normally need to do, except employers want experience in whatever language or framework they are using.

FSK Growmap Anti Spam Plugin

Spammers updated their scripts to account for the growmap anti-spam plugin. I was hoping the author of the plugin would patch it, but he didn’t. It was starting to get annoying. I was getting more than 40 spam comments per day.

So, I decided to do something about it. I wrote the FSK Growmap Anti-Spam plugin. It’s exactly the same as the Growmap Anti-Spam plugin, except that I inverted the test, requiring you to leave the box UNCHECKED.

Let’s see if that cuts down on my spam. I left some test comments and it seems to work.

My first try didn’t work. Now you have to check BOTH boxes. Let’s see. That should work. If not, I’ll try again with something else.

Reader Mail – 10/13/2013 To 10/19/2013

brianoh commented on Is The Go Programming Language Worth Learning?.
@FSK. I read your post, and it all rang true to me. For myself, I can only work with something that I like. I like Go. There is virtually nothing that I dislike about Go. However, it is my criteria, and I am still looking at other languages. Rust may be OK, but I've only had a cursory look. Personally, I could never work with something that didn't perform well - at least as good as Java I guess would be my benchmark.

Your requirement however is to find a job, not to like a language, although preferably both. You appear to know what is required, and what "they" look for. I suggest that you find a popular language that you like and push to find a job using that language after spending some time learning it. Your past experience must count for something. When you get that job, keep watching what is happening and learn the next great language - if you can pick it.

The world has changed a lot, and programming is probably the most competitive field on the planet. Unfortunately, a lot of the people choosing who fills the available programming positions probably think of themselves as superior, but are probably of far lower intelligence. They appear (to me) to be like the people who years ago would choose IBM (safe). They probably choose people who will "fit in" rather than people who are very competent. Quite often, if one "fits in", they don't need to be competent. The workplace has become more of a social gathering.

Of course, if you go to a relative startup, you'll probably have to work your butt off, get little thanks, and be sacked if they think they have found someone better.

My $0.02.

Actually, right now, I'm working at a startup part-time (no options, but decent hourly rate). I don't mind not getting any equity. Based on what I see, I'd short their stock if I could.

Healthcare Insurance Exchange Defective Website

This story is amusing. The healthcare insurance exchanges are one of the key features of healthcare ‘reform’. They enable people to buy (allegedly) affordable health insurance, with subsidies for low income people. The exchange website is the place most people were expected to get information and sign up. It was one big fail. The website, which cost hundreds of millions to build, is a buggy piece of garbage.

It is a simple website. Only 2 features really matter. There’s a static page that shows the rates. There’s a form people fill out to sign up. That’s it. It’s literally a day of work.

Of course, no government project is simple. With a huge budget to blow, you hire an army of incompetent people, and add lots of unnecessary complexity. The result is a big pile of garbage that doesn’t work.

There are some minor complexities. The website must have multilingual support. For NY, I’m expected to use a login, which requires interacting with a legacy database. There’s another page showing the rates for people who qualify for a subsidy. That raises the estimate from a day to a week.

This is a typical example of government waste. A competent person could write the website by himself in a week. With a government contract, profit is maximized with inefficiency and waste.

Reader Mail – 10/06/2013 To 10/12/2013

Florian Ventura commented on About FSK.
Hello FSK,

My name is Florian Ventura, I am french and I would like to suggest you this book about the history of the silver and the reality of the monetary system. The rabbit hole is deeper than we think.

I think it may interest you.

Have a good day.

Florian Ventura.

Idj commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
I scrolled down to write a comment exactly like this one. Thanks for saving me the time.

Anyway, node.js is NOT a replacement for PHP and stuff nor a better RoR etc...

You should see node.js like... nodes. small pieces that interact together. Writing a whole website using it is pretty stupid imho.

A nice architecture would be, an HTML + JS frontend, communicating Restfully with a backend written in node that spawns other node.js (workers) processes for time consuming tasks etc... (no server side page generation here (i know i am pretty strict on that)).

In short, use node.js for what it is good at, and do not try to replace with node.js and say it does not perform well.

Reader Mail – 09/29/2013 To 10/05/2013

Torre commented on About FSK.
Hello, yesterday I found your posting about not signing NDAs.

I had recently turned down a job interview with Hangtime because of

a 5-page NDA. I suspect such NDAs are a sleazy way to eliminate

potential competition i.e. because anybody can easily duplicate

software that is so simple. In this sense, the interview is done

in bad faith and is actually an offensive tactic of commercial war.

Imagine you have 2 factories, A and B. One day, the owner of factory A

arranges a lunch with the owner of factory B, offering an alliance

of sorts. But first, B's owner must sign a paper, whose fine print prohibits

him from making the products he makes every day. They call it an

NDA, but really it's a weapon.

Use of this NDA-attack is increasingly looking like a standard

tactic in the Bay Area to handcuff independent programmers, whom

as far as I can tell they strongly do not want to hire

in the first place, as we are not "corporate" enough.

On a different subject, I can confirm what you suggest about people

in the tech business, that many are psychopathic personalities.

Both the programmers themselves (who prefer machines to people)

and the business side (who prefer money over people).

I sympathize with your interviewing experiences as they mirror mine.

Interviewing is supposed to be about learning the truth,

but for a psychopath an interview is just another power play

to keep out competition.

Psychopaths don't have any interest in the truth, or fairness,

or a worker's potential, or helping their employer. They fear talent.

They're dumb people without talent and they know it.

All they have is the social angle and they play that to the hilt.

The natural solution is for smart people need to start their own companies.

Ergo commented on Don't Sign An NDA Before A Programming Job Interview.
For what it's worth, people do a similar scam in the translation business. They send out snippets of text to be translated from language X to language Y as a "test", when in fact all they've done is break a real project into individual paragraphs to be translated as tests by numerous people who are hopeful and/or don't know any better.

My suggestion is, if you think a coding assignment is real work, make sure you put a bug in the code if possible and/or structure it in the most complex way possible that still looks good e.g. for a parser, definitely use YACC.

As an alternative, when you send the code over:

(A) make sure your copyright is on it.

(B) apply the GPL to it.

(C) post it to your personal website.

That way, if the douche bag you're interviewing with tries to use it, he'll be violating the GPL plus anyone can use the code is a real (free) project.

The GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin Stopped Working!

The GrowMap Anti-Spam plugin I’m using stopped working. It’s pretty obvious what happened. The spammers updated their script to account for the plugin.

I can wait for the plugin to be upgraded, edit it myself, or try something else. I might edit it myself.