Healthcare Insurance Exchange Defective Website

This story is amusing. The healthcare insurance exchanges are one of the key features of healthcare ‘reform’. They enable people to buy (allegedly) affordable health insurance, with subsidies for low income people. The exchange website is the place most people were expected to get information and sign up. It was one big fail. The website, which cost hundreds of millions to build, is a buggy piece of garbage.

It is a simple website. Only 2 features really matter. There’s a static page that shows the rates. There’s a form people fill out to sign up. That’s it. It’s literally a day of work.

Of course, no government project is simple. With a huge budget to blow, you hire an army of incompetent people, and add lots of unnecessary complexity. The result is a big pile of garbage that doesn’t work.

There are some minor complexities. The website must have multilingual support. For NY, I’m expected to use a login, which requires interacting with a legacy database. There’s another page showing the rates for people who qualify for a subsidy. That raises the estimate from a day to a week.

This is a typical example of government waste. A competent person could write the website by himself in a week. With a government contract, profit is maximized with inefficiency and waste.

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