Reader Mail – 10/13/2013 To 10/19/2013

brianoh commented on Is The Go Programming Language Worth Learning?.
@FSK. I read your post, and it all rang true to me. For myself, I can only work with something that I like. I like Go. There is virtually nothing that I dislike about Go. However, it is my criteria, and I am still looking at other languages. Rust may be OK, but I've only had a cursory look. Personally, I could never work with something that didn't perform well - at least as good as Java I guess would be my benchmark.

Your requirement however is to find a job, not to like a language, although preferably both. You appear to know what is required, and what "they" look for. I suggest that you find a popular language that you like and push to find a job using that language after spending some time learning it. Your past experience must count for something. When you get that job, keep watching what is happening and learn the next great language - if you can pick it.

The world has changed a lot, and programming is probably the most competitive field on the planet. Unfortunately, a lot of the people choosing who fills the available programming positions probably think of themselves as superior, but are probably of far lower intelligence. They appear (to me) to be like the people who years ago would choose IBM (safe). They probably choose people who will "fit in" rather than people who are very competent. Quite often, if one "fits in", they don't need to be competent. The workplace has become more of a social gathering.

Of course, if you go to a relative startup, you'll probably have to work your butt off, get little thanks, and be sacked if they think they have found someone better.

My $0.02.

Actually, right now, I'm working at a startup part-time (no options, but decent hourly rate). I don't mind not getting any equity. Based on what I see, I'd short their stock if I could.

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