Reader Mail – 10/20/2013 To 10/26/2013

Jason commented on Do Disabled Veterans Deserve Respect?.
Tough luck I guess, or karma knows you good. Fighting in Nicaragua doesn't count I agree our servicemen deserve more respect, but it is a job with dangers in it, you knew what you were signing up for. I deliver goods to America and I could argue that if our trucks stop America stops. I risk my life on a daily basis bringing you what you take for granted. Ahh a different thought of mind. When it comes time and I believe it will, I will have no problem picking up a weapon and defending my rights as an American. My grandfather fought for my freedom, Not commando teams fighting for US corporations freedoms in lands we should not be. This country is going downhill fast and maybe it is time you start seeing what it is really about. You were fooled into thinking it was for the people of this United States.

Jig commented on Test Driven Development - How Stupidity Spreads.
The blog has some very valid points - 1) Overheads of using TDD 2) TDD is not a panacea and is certainly not a substitute for intelligent testing and programming 3)As always there are situations where TDD is appropriate or otherwise

rao commented on Is The Go Programming Language Worth Learning?.
If are brilliant programmer then you will find job in any language including COBOL.but if are average programmer looking for 9-5 job best bet are either jee stack(java,ejb,jsf etc) or .net stack. Learn some database stuff as well.You can always find job in big corporations with good jee or .net skills.
It doesnt hurt learning new language.go is good language so learn it. Unfortunately, most jobs today require experience in a specific language. I'm more interested in "Would it be easier to find a job with Go experience?" than whether it's a "cool" language. C/C++/PHP/Javascript/SQL cover almost all the things I would normally need to do, except employers want experience in whatever language or framework they are using.

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