Reader Mail – 11/10/2013 To 11/16/2013

vininparker commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
OK, for the record, here are a couple of things missing from this, coming from a 30 yr-exp hands-on architect who has seen the entire evolution :

* The comment about arrogant self-absorbed hipsters was spot on. I shortened my resume as a quick test, and had twice the recruiters calling me from Mountain View.

Here's the technicals reason Javascript is a bad server-side language:

* Weakly-typed (errors caused by lack of typing)

* Late-bound (runtime errors instead of compile-time)

* Exception handling is not typed.

* Lexicon is not completely defined -- just try to change the order of chained event handlers.

* Exceptions in the parser and JITter and VM -- how they're handled is suspect.

* Callbacks in JavaScript pollute the global namespace.

* JavaScript is nearly OO, but not quite. There are more limitations, especially with collections of objects. There are no true virtual method, just pseudo workarounds.

* More abstraction layers that nullify the advantage from the event model.

* Memory usage is horrible. It's for business apps only. DOMs have always been memory hogs. That's just another restriction to add to the list.

However, here's why event models process more:

* Less context-switchingt

* Async threading leads to more throughput

So, in short, the model is good, the language is horrible. From an HR perspective, when I interview people, I'm lucky to find people that even know JavaScript. That's the cepstral source of the problem -- cheap labor from outsourced development that passes for acceptable. From experience, you should always treat as suspect non-american cultures where the mama dictates to the child what to study.

Node.js has a good use on phones for development. Phonegap is excellent.

I'm glad node.js is out there as a choice, it works in some specific situations. I'm hoping the Mono project gets us to a implementation of node.js someday. That would be much more palatable.

pff commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.
Again, somebody that thinks his things are faster because are done in C++.

My processor does not process bytecode, and yours? LOL

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