Reader Mail – 11/24/2013 To 11/30/2013

nemo commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
"That’s the biggest lacking feature of modern programming languages, support for multiple cores and multiple threads. "

Do you - by any chance - know why is it so?

Are the multiple CPU architectures so new that it was not enough time to come up with nice solutions?

No dude - it is just because it is f* difficult to solve these problems. And actually things build around Reactor Pattern are one of the solutions, which remove parallel processing from your design of your application. The other solution would be e.g. pure functional programming - which results in the same thing - you're not thinking how this is going to be calculated - it just gets calculated.

Also, if you complain that e.g. Node is not using multiple cores - you are pretty clueless by yourself. It is really not that these all cores will be ide when it comes to production deployment, seriously...

nemo commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

There is the other advantage to Node-like design (single thread, event-based). It is that it is ready-to-go for computing clouds. Try to spawn threads in your app for e.g. Google App Engine :). With Node app - you just deploy as it is and you can add/sub the processes (virtual CPU cores) as you need.

Again - you are not thinking about your target env. - you JUST scale it without planning for it.

nemo commented on More node.js Observations.
"Even my sister thought that “test driven development” was stupid. Why would you write the tests before writing the website? The idiot has the illusion that he’s working, when he’s writing a bunch of tests."

Dude, you have no idea what are you talking about... have you ever try to really read about TDD and the concepts? Do you ever worked on any bigger not-trivial project within a big team and had to support your product for longer period of time?

Test driven development and excessive automated tests are a waste of resources. The coworkers at my current job have me wondering sometimes. They can barely implement anything without breaking something else on the site. I'm there 2 days a week, and I look at every page each time. They break more things than get new things finished. I can see how, if you're clueless, automated testing can avoid some problems, but then you're doomed anyway.

Francesco commented on Open Pandora, PSP, or Android?.
Go the Open Pandora way! There is quite no device like it. It's been a pleasure to play and tinker with it (15 days now). The community is great, games are very professionally crafted/packaged, repos are very active (they post on FaceBook every update/release, today a version of Metroid was published, for free), and emulation is ready "out of the box" (with full list of emulators and howTos to choose the best ones).

My 1GHZ device runs smoothly at 1.244MHz: overclocking is a matter of dragging a slider, there is also a CPU stress test software that will find the right clock speed for you.

The device is FAST and SNAPPY, the OS is clean and so thin compared to Android (or anything else, really). XFCE is cool and feels perfect. It runs a full version of desktop Firefox, on heavy sites, quite fine (and you can scroll with the d-pad as arrows). You can even use the Pandora as an external bluetooth HID device to a tablet/phone: as a mouse+keyboard+joystick for your phone/tablet (you move the pad on the Pandora and the mouse cursor moves on the phone, you type on Pandora.. etc.., software is called "Master Control"). The two SD slots mean you can add a *LOT* of stuff to it: 2 x 128GB means 256GB of space! Of course multiple OSs are an option (keeping data in one slot and some OS in the other). Anyway, if you do it for fun, get the Pandora.

I've been seriously thinking about it. They're switching to "Open Pandora 2", primarily because it's no longer possible to get parts for the current version.

If it isn't a preorder disaster like the Open Pandora, I might order it from stock.

One problem with the current Open Pandora it that it's a couple years obsolete hardware. My phone has so much more power. I might go for an ubuntu phone.

commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.
I write HFT/ultra low latency trading software with extremely complex business rules and algos for a living and it's all done in C++ simply because Java isn't nearly fast enough. At times we even write code for bare metal to squeeze out that extra microsecond.

> Managing the memory and developing these algorithm by a team and a developer will never be possible.

Spoken like a true idiot. Yes, if you're incompetent and work with a bunch of incompetent fools, then it's indeed not possible.

DeAnn commented on Healcare "Reform" - "You Will Be Able To Keep Your Doctor" Is A Lie.
Wow... such visceral emotions over a simple discussion of facts. It's a terrible thing to have your illusions ripped away from you. But, Dear FYA, every day it is becoming more and more apparent, those who should be our protectors are promoting one lie after another to hide the impending truth.

NOW is the time to have honest discussions. A few years from now there will be no way to repair this, and the Great American Experiment will have come to an end. Honesty is our only hope.

commented on Reader Mail - 11/17/2013 To 11/23/2013.
FSK, what happened here? Your site used to be a daily informative read and it's become a jumble of double-dipped reader comments (reposting them from the comment sections as actual articles). It's a mess. Please return to form.

I know I've been slacking. I'll try to get back on it.

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  1. What do you make of the following news story about a United Kingdom marine being sentenced to life in prison for shooting a probably fatally wounded Taliban fighter, originally shot by a helicopter.

    I’m touched a British military judge cares so much about life (note this said in a sarcastic tone)!

    Is this hypocrisy?

    Is the government responsible more than this solider?

    Bear in the the other side hang limbs of British soldiers from trees after than have been blown up.

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