Reader Mail – 01/19/2014 To 01/25/2014

Don Hoffman commented on About FSK.
I own a restaurant in Pennsylvania. I used to have live bands, karaoke, and djs. I was paying Ascap and BMI up til the end of 2012. I called ascap and bmi that i would be doing anymore live or recorded music. They had me fill out forms to that i have cancelled my account. Now come 2014, bmi calls and says i need to fill out another form which i did via email and fax. Then i had to do the same with ascap. Ascap comes back and says they can not cancel my account because i have tv's that are unmuted. They want bill me 1.28 per occupancy for music jingles from commercials or if a sporting event on tv is playing music. I told them i pay the cable companies for there service and direct tv for the nfl ticket. They said they own the copy rights to the music and i have public place. I am now taking the matter to my state representative and the better business bureau. Any suggestions on anything else i can do.

There isn't much you can do. Most of the TVs in restaurants are muted for precisely this reason. Sounds weird, but that's the way it is. The commercials pay for a license to use the music, but due to the bizarre way copyright law works, that doesn't also include the right for you to play it in your business.

Unfortunately, the music licensing cartels own Congress and the judges. Don't expect success. I know it's a drain on your business. Nonsense like this is one of the reasons the economy is so bad. Also, once you do sign a contract with the licensing cartels, they got you now. They'll make all sorts of excuses to prevent you from ending it, and the contract includes high interest rates and fees if you pay late.

One loophole that may work in your favor is that, if you have fewer than a certain number of speakers, you may not have to pay the fee.

Architect commented on Software Architects Suck - Never Trust A Software Architect.
Wow. This was pretty long winded.let's face it there are a lot of people in software that don't know what they're doing and can cover up their bullshit with documentation and politics.

I'm a software architect. But you know what, I earned that position and title through 15 years of hard work designing and implementing software solutions. I still write code. I still deploy software and automate processes. What I do that our developers don't is interface with clients, join sales calls as technical support, and lead our software evolution in a sustainable manner.

So get off your high horse as a developer. We know you've been in the trenches. Software is hard work, get over it. Realize that you own your own career and go work with people who will appreciate you and your skills.

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