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hgaverin commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
He tells his mentality by bragging about using "[whatever].net". I remind you that .net languages are JIT compile based. Just In Time, compile based means that the raw code is ALWAYS available in UNCOMPILED format for ANYONE to edit or steal. He mentions C++ and VB6, two old languages that are fully able to compile into stand alone executables; and two old languages that are very (read “VERY”) easily multi-threading. C++ is radically powerful. VB6 was designed for Rapid Application Development which can expedite a business’ adapability efforts to changing market environments. Both are fully able to be compiled into stand alone executables, with NO raw code available to ANYONE except the development team. He should have stopped there. But, no, he went on to brag that he was now into coding in ".net" . Then he cursed the users of other languages that he (openly and clearly) pre-stated to not understand sufficiently for a valid boolean response. For him to say that he does not follow the latest trend, and then to brag about using any language that is .net is a reversal of logic. He also went on a rant about mult-threading: If you know how, it can be fairly easy in many languages. He seems to find the tendency of node.js to be single threaded and thus a challenge maybe. Ask someone else for help and adjust it to multi-threading. Industry does not run on crying and whimpering, but rather on self-drive to find solutions, implementing those solutions, and moving on.

I mangaged to read quite a lot of the responses, eventually skipping over the original author's because they approach null, and I thank you others for some insight into other languages. I like C++. I like javascript (and many of its spun off variations).

It is often the programmer (or programmer wannabe) that creates much of the problems in many (probably not all) programming activities. If you have a problem with a language, maybe another language will fit you better. Do not hate someone else that is less or more than you in skill. Do not despise some else that has not acquired your hours of (maybe) experience.

In the past I have cried because of difficulties. Therefore I cannot fault the author for crying about node.js . I can say that he should now try something else. Get a handkerchief, blow your nose, write your own library base to help yourself in your programming endeavors, and move on.

snuprs commented on Design Patterns Suck!.
Another hilarious thing about design patterns is that they encourage developers to repeat themselves.

Whenever you have a recurring "pattern" in your code, you're supposed to factor that out into a method or subroutine or whatever.

But in the case of "design" patterns, they encourage you to do the same thing over and over. It's cut and paste for the ADD generation.

It's fricking hilarious.

I'd like to see someone take the algorithm from this post and do a Java version. I expect it to have performance close to the Javascript version.
fosamax commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.
Lately, the GCW Zero KS turned out to be a SCAM, at least for european backers, since no update was made for more than one month and there are still a lot of Zero to be sent.

So the answer to your question is GCW will not deliver their kickstarter handheld. Period.

Or prove me wrong.

Really? I thought they got their act together and were finally shipping them? Do you have a link/source?

I'm really interested in things like iControlpad, Pandora, GCW Zero. I'm never going to fund any of them through pre-orders or Kickstarter. There's too much risk. I'm only ordering from stock, if I ever do.

fosamax commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

Just take a look at latest KS comments.

I'm still hoping to be proven wrong but lately things seems to turn out pretty bad.

No updates. No replies to email from the available contacts. No way to get faulty devices fixed. The last sign of life from Justin Barwick is the GCW Zero facebook profile.

Maybe shipments are still on the way but why on earth that lack of communication ?

I totally agree with you that ordering from stock is the way to go. I was even able to get a refurbished pandora since the success of GCW Zero KS campaign.

I paid less for it than for the Zero I'm still waiting for.

I'm sticking with my Android phone as my sole handheld, for now. I'd like to see a viable competitor to Android/iPhone, especially one with a nice physical keyboard. It's going to be awhile still before that happens.

My Samsung Galaxy S4 has no physical keyboard. The physical keyboard was a nice feature that I miss from my Droid 3. The touchscreen typing isn't the same. I might have bought an iControlPad2 from stock, if that didn't turn out to also be a scam.


It does seem shady that stores like iThic have the ability to "order from stock" but the KS backers didn't get their units yet. The advantage of cheating preoders is that units sold on iThic generate $160 new revenue, but fulfilling preorders is just a waste of money. That's very shady. I don't see how any store can be selling GCW Zeros before all the Kickstarter units shipped.

PureWicked.AU commented on Will GCW Zero Deliver Their Kickstarter Handhelds?.

where do I start, I too ordered an SE, a KS and 100 units before KS started to resell here in Australia for here and the NZ market, not all has gone according to plan for me as many of you may be very well aware, after much jumping up and down I finally got half of my 100 units to resell, though I too would love to finally see my KS+SE units with T'shirts etc.. then I could wear them and people could ask me about the GCW Zero, I am still waiting on 48 units and 2 bonus pledge package things, I have lost many customers due to the time frame and of course the fact that later orders than me (ThinkGeek in particular) sold units to my customers though I was meant to have exclusive rights to the Australian, NZ market... so yes I'm pretty pissed off, if any Aussie's are after any please let me know..

Yes, there are two ways you lose from the delay, if you were planning to resell GCW Zeros as a business.

Loss #1 - Customers can buy their GCW Zero somewhere else. The GCW Zero team is selling units before shipping to you, undercutting your sales and stealing potential customers.

Loss #2 - Moore's Law - If the GCW Zero hardware was cool and current when it was designed, by now it's almost obsolete. A 2 year delay means the hardware is half as good compared to newer stuff. The longer the delay, the more attractive it is to stick with your Android phone or one of the newer Android handhelds with current hardware. For example, the current Open Pandora specs are very lame compared to what you can get from an Android device.

A fool and his money are soon parted. You got played.

My takeaway is "Don't back hardware projects on Kickstarter or via pre-orders. Wait until you can order from stock." There is some cool stuff that potentially could be funded, but it seems that scammers are dominating the preorder market. This is 3 scams I know about now, Pandora (not Kickstarter, but direct preorders got cheated), iControlPad2, and GCW Zero.


This looks promising, a GPD G5A.


Another amusing link for GCW Zero. They're trying to raise money on fundable now.

MP commented on FSK Benchmark Test - C/C++ vs. Javascript vs. PHP.
Last entry for Python. After doing some cursory profiling (using built-in cProfile) I made things more pythonic and made some minor performance tweaks (like using xrange instead of range, which is advised in Python 2.7 but not needed in 3.0) I reduced runtime from 60 to 40 sec.

I remain shocked at the Javascript performance.

What's a link to the updated version?

What I really want is a Java version, especially after all the hate on this post. I'm probably not doing it myself, because I don't want the Java SDK and runtime polluting my PC. I expect it to be comparable to the Javascript version. Many people swear that the Java version would run almost as fast as the C/C++ version, but I doubt it.

MP commented on FSK Benchmark Test - C/C++ vs. Javascript vs. PHP.

The profiled result is here.

I'll take a crack at the Java implementation. It shouldn't be too different from the C++ code, and I have the Java environment for Android tinkering. No promises on when it'll be done, but I too would like to see the comparison.

Since everything is compute + branch bound, I expect Java to suck. I guess the question is how much.

JJ commented on Another Argument Against noSQL.
'' People “prefer” MongoDB because they’re too stupid to set up a relational database and configure it correctly. '

I use SQL, I also use MongoDB.

Momma says I'm not not stupid like the post said I am.


Works for both far as I see it.

Then again, I'm not exactly splitting the atom at work either.

Momma says 'shut up'.

A brilliant argument. You totally convinced me that I'm wrong.

I see this comment thread is going to go like the node.js and Ruby on Rails posts.

It certainly is possible to use MongoDB and noSQL correctly. If you're using noSQL when you don't have many customers or much data, you're almost definitely doing it wrong.

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