Survivor Anti-Intellectualism

I watched bits of the first episode of Survivor. The players are in 3 teams, “Beauty”, “Brains”, and “Brawn”. However, they picked COMPLETE IDIOTS for the “Brains” tribe. The hidden message is “Smart people are really stupid.”

The “Brains” team had the same problem on Big Brother, when they tried that. Ronnie played really stupid during his HoH. Chima got kicked out for breaking the rules once she realized she was going to lose (just like the girl who dumped the rice in the fire on Survivor).

The Survivor “Brains” team voted out their two most athletic players first, an idiot move. As I just mentioned, one of the players dumped their rice into the fire when the other players told her she was getting voted out. The other players were idiots for not blindsiding her. The correct way to manage the votes on Survivor is to make every player think they’re safe, until the vote is revealed.

There are two types of intelligence, logical intelligence and emotional intelligence. To win on a reality show, you really need emotional intelligence, because you need to make alliances and convince other people to not backstab you. The “Brains” tribe seems to have mediocre logical intelligence and lousy emotional intelligence.

The producers for Survivor intentionally picked idiots for the “Brains” tribe, because they want to promote the idea that intelligent people actually are stupid. That seems to be a universal rule. If a reality show has a “Brains” team, they will play the game really poorly.

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  1. Anonymous Coward March 6, 2014 at 6:28 am

    I went to the top university in my country for science. Most of my employers have told me I do perfect work.

    Yet throughout most of my working life I have been unpaid and a fair proportion of my jobs have been unstable for a variety of reasons. I lost one job with a famous tech company one day after my last project manager visited me to give me a gift for doing such good work! In that company you had one “people” manager and several different project managers. As such my “people” manager fired me, despite my project manager congratulating me on my work.

    So I might have some intellectual capacity, but as far as my own success in the corporate world goes I have been a failure.

    I run my own business now and that actually does quite well. I’ve just sold a lot of my software to one of the top three tech companies in the world.

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