Reader Mail – 03/02/2014 To 03/08/2014

captain hindsight commented on Larken Rose Still Thinks Like A Statist.
Well that was stupid of you. You could have been rich by now.


I still say that Bitcoin is stupid. In retrospect, it would have been a good investment to buy a couple years ago and sell now (If I could find an exchange that wouldn't MtGox me!).

My first Bitcoin post was in March 2011, when the price USD/BTC was less than $6/BTC!

Larissa commented on Node.js And NPM - Still Run By Children.
Why are you surprised about v8 beating php and python?

I thought that PHP was mostly a wrapper around the C standard library. I didn't realize there was that much extra overhead.

I did seriously consider HVVM (Facebook's optimized PHP), but that's probably not worth my time.

My plan is still to use PHP, and then switch to C/C++ when performance is an issue. Now I know to not do anything calculation-intensive in PHP.

There was another amusing bit at work. Doing calculations on the server in SQL isn't really much faster than doing it on the client (in Javascript)! The only downside of doing it on the client is that it takes awhile to transmit the data. I blame the lousy AWS instance. I noticed a 100% variation in the amount of time a calculation takes! (i.e. 40-80 milliseconds)

I did some more C/C++ lately, working on the Video Poker program. I forgot how nice it is to use a strongly typed language. It's so much easier to debug when errors show up at compile-time instead of run-time. Lots of nice little things like "unused local variable warning" that you don't get in Javascript and PHP.

Anonymous Coward commented on Survivor Anti-Intellectualism.
I went to the top university in my country for science. Most of my employers have told me I do perfect work.

Yet throughout most of my working life I have been unpaid and a fair proportion of my jobs have been unstable for a variety of reasons. I lost one job with a famous tech company one day after my last project manager visited me to give me a gift for doing such good work! In that company you had one "people" manager and several different project managers. As such my "people" manager fired me, despite my project manager congratulating me on my work.

So I might have some intellectual capacity, but as far as my own success in the corporate world goes I have been a failure.

I run my own business now and that actually does quite well. I've just sold a lot of my software to one of the top three tech companies in the world.

Anonymous Coward commented on Survivor Anti-Intellectualism.


> I have been unpaid

This should read "I have been *underpaid*.....

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