Reader Mail – 03/09/2014 To 03/15/2014

John K. Hinsdale commented on Test Driven Development Personality Analysis.
Another fundamental flaw with TDD is that -- by definition -- it cannot be known, when the test is first written, i.e., before the code it is tests has been written, whether the test ITSELF has bugs. Tests are themselves software that can be buggy. Therefore, the initial status of the test as failing may be due also to the test being buggy, not only the code under test's being incomplete. So now, during development, when you are struggling to get the automated test to pass, you've got two places to worry about. Debugging is all about eliminating variables and isolating problems, not adding variables. TDD -- specifically, the "write tests first" part -- is asinine. I'm glad someone is calling it out, good work!

After spending a lot of time with PHP and Javascript, I started doing some C/C++ again. It's amazing how nice it is to use a strongly typed language. The compiler catches so many bugs for you! The compiler catches mistyped variable names, unused local variables, wrong function arguments, and more. Plus, the compiler error messages in C/C++ are so much better than the barely-useful messages you get from PHP and Javascript(firebug).

Also, how do you qualify for having your own Wikipedia page? I thought they're pretty strict. You work at Wireless Generation? They used to spam Craigslist job ads but I haven't seen them in awhile. I never got an on-site interview from them.

Marc commented on The HIV/AIDS Conspiracy Theory.
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