Reader Mail – 03/16/2014 To 03/22/2014

Ira Hyman commented on About FSK.
Some friends and myself (in NYC) have started a software company and need a programmer, we would like to use GO, for our first project. On Amazon there is a kindle book called the "The Way to GO " it's enough for you to evaluate the GO language it only cost 3 Dollars.Please download this and let me know if you think you can program in GO, it seems close to C and C++ in many respects.This is very inportant to me, please contact me ASAP. We have money set aside for the making of a demo program and if you can make this happen in a month or so,it will lead to a great paying permanent gig with us and shares in the company as well & title as well.Thank you FSK for your time, I hope we can solve each others problems, by the way we are doing a cyber security plug in.Thanks IRA.

My attitude towards languages is "learn them when I need them". Right now, I've been looking at html5/javascript/css for my personal experiements. If you're serious about hiring me, I'll learn Go as needed.

I usually don't waste time learning a language as a pre-requisite to an interview, because I learn them as needed pretty quickly.

However, this is a huge red flag. You haven't hired a programmer yet, and you already decided you're using Go. If you are not technical yourself, how can you know that Go is the right choice? Whenever I hear someone say "We're starting a startup, we don't have a programmer among our current co-founders, and we already decided what language we're using for implementation.", my reaction is "Oh, you're clueless. Why am I wasting my time on you?"

Since you are not technical, I know you have selected Go based on hype and not based on technical merit, so I don't see why you're worth my time.

What if I evaluate the description of your product, and conclude another tool is better than Go?

reemul commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Hold off on PHP being the bastard language for amateurs, I develop Flex applications. Last I heard Flash/Flex developers are the red headed stepchildren in the programming world. I also develop in nodejs (got hired at a company, they said "use this") so I did. I like the scalability of it and it's lightweight nature. I don't know how it compares to VB6 cuz I started in the C/C++ world and then C#/MVC as far as MS development. As such I always thought of VB6 as the bastard language to be forgotten. I always chose C# over VB. But to each his own. It seems every company I work for wants to do something else. So I tend to go with the flow. I will say this, I once got hired for a PHP role(don't know why), needless to say it did not work out.

The nail in the coffin for Flash was Apple refusing to support it on mobile.

I also will usually use whatever tools the employer picks. However, employers almost always want job candidates to already be experts in whatever they're using.

reemul commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Actually Flash is not dead. It just out grew the browser. That's how the AIR runtime came to be. If you have a strong Flash or Flex background you don't have to ditch your skillset to produce mobile apps for both Android and Apple. Also there are new tools such as edge that will translate Flash and actionscript to html and javascript.

One complaint I have with Flash/AIR is that the development license is big $$$, along with the vendor lock-in. That makes it bigger than my budget when I'm just doing a casual experiment.

I looked around, and there also are tools that compile Javascript to native mobile binaries. I don't know if they're any good.

One issue with Flash on mobile is that "mouse-hover" is a common operation in Flash (especially Flash games), but mosue-hover has no comparable operation on a mobile touchscreen. Existing Flash content would need to be re-written to work properly on mobile. That's one reason Flash was banned on the iPhone, because existing Flash web apps wouldn't work properly. However, I do like the way Puffin browser handles Flash. (I have it on my Android phone.)

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