Reader Mail – 03/23/2014 To 03/29/2014

reemul commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
1) There is no developer license for for Flex/Flash. The only one charging developers for licenses is Apple.

2) When developing mobile apps, you use touch events, NOT mouse events. Adobe and Apache have been good at developing mobile libraries.

1. I'm pretty sure that Adobe charges money for their Flash SDK. I researched this a couple years ago. The open-source Flash SDK isn't as good.

2. The problem is OLD Flash content won't work on mobile, unless it is re-written specifically to work on mobile.

More importantly, I've decided that HTML5/CSS/Javascript is worth learning more than Flash or native mobile apps. Of course, I could be wrong, like with my decision to invest in C/C++ instead of Java.

I've been (slowly) experimenting with HTML5/Javascript, but I don't have much energy leftover after work.

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