Reader Mail – 03/30/2014 To 04/05/2014

commented on I Still Don't Sign NDAs For Job Interviews.
Bro you gotta stop with the "reader mail" - it is cluttering up your blog big time. Also it's redundant, since anyone can read the comments to an article simply by clicking on the comment section. No offense - just offering a bit of constructive criticism. This is a good blog and the "reader mail" posts is starting to really drag it down in my opinion. Also, if you decide to stop doing those posts, you should go back and get rid of all the old ones. Let people read comments by clicking on the comment section if they want. Just one opinion!

The bigger problem is that I haven't been putting the time into creating new posts.

Some people don't go back to read the comments, which is why I started doing it. Sometimes, there are really interesting discussions in the comments, or I spend a lot of time writing a response.

One Response to Reader Mail – 03/30/2014 To 04/05/2014

  1. I have to agree. I’ve learned so much from your blog posts – and look forward to more! More content posts please!

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