Reader Mail – 04/06/2014 To 04/12/2014

victor commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
Wow, you're a bad developer, in the phase of need to being hired, a good developer have her own company and don't need to find a job

Mark commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

I am a developer of over 16 years experience, run my own company and have never been out of work. I have worked for large blue chips, public sector bodies and small companies. I have used VB6, C#,, SqlServer, MongoDb, Javascript, NodeJs and Python and am currently learning Go.I can honestly say that we can all rubbish any programming language as I am not aware of any language on the planet that covers all the bases. We can all pick holes in any language. I prefer to use the right tool for the right job I am always open minded and have no need to profess how great I am or how bad other people are.

I have hired developers and I can say one thing that holds true and that is if ever I come across a developer who thinks they know it all, or rubbishes other peoples work so by proxy advancing their own I know that they really are very poor developers, very poor employees and bottom line very poor individuals, I suspect FSK falls into this category.

>if ever I come across a developer who thinks they know it all, or rubbishes other peoples work so by proxy advancing their own I know that they really are very poor developers

Aren't you doing the exact same thing, by posting here complaining about what a loser I am for not liking node.js.

I researched it a little. The overhead for a thread context switch is ~1000-2000 cpu cycles. The memory overhead for a thread is also negligible compared to the memory used by your application data. So, the main argument in favor of node.js is ridiculous, because the overhead of threads are negligible compared to the other stuff your application needs to do.

Mark commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.

Where in my comment above have I criticized you for not liking Node ? Where ? I criticise your hyperbolic, aggressive categorisation of mainly people. I make no comment on you technical skills and I also do not advance my own skills by rubbishing your technical abilities. What I am criticising is your aggressive, arrogant and over the top attitude. You throw terms like scum, evil and psychopath around far to liberally, evil is something I haven't come across and if I did common sense would suggest to me that it would not be in the form of a computer tech/person I didnt like. Also just to clarify I have not called you a loser so don't even try that emotional blackmail. I suspected you of being poor especially in attitude and anybody reading your comments would come to the same conclusion.

I am more polite in person than the way I write in my blog. Some people really are evil. It's a disturbing fact to realize. I have noticed that evil people prefer trash like node.js and Rails, because they evaluate hype and not merit. Node and Rails and Git have created great hype, but the product is garbage, so they attract people who evaluate hype but not technical merit.

There have been evil people at almost all of my jobs. They are everyone and dominate our society, due to the way laws are set up and that most intelligent people are conditioned to be victims. Either you are too clueless to notice them, or are one of them.

Richard commented on Is The Go Programming Language Worth Learning?.
You're using excuses to justify your failure. I had no degree, was entirely self taught and got in the industry in 6 months. It's about drive, determination and confidence. How about you stop blaming others for your issues and instead push forward?

There is no buzzword game, like any other industry getting a job is ~85% based on your personality and attitude as well as the people you know. Nobody is going to hire someone they don't like to be around. I bet you that you come off this way in your interviews.

I don't have any usable contacts. For most resume submissions, it's totally based on keyword matching.

I'm comfortable treating idiots like idiots. I don't want to work for idiots. If you can't handle a couple of questions about your business plan, then you aren't going to succeed.

It's much different for entry level and senior candidates. For senior candidates, employers seem to want a perfect purples squirrel keyword match. Age discrimination is a real problem, especially when you're older than the interviewer and all the other employees. I'm not that old! I'm still the oldest person there most of the time.

commented on I Still Don't Sign NDAs For Job Interviews.
I never sign an NDA either ; or only if I rewrite it in my own terms.

Larissa commented on I Still Don't Sign NDAs For Job Interviews.

Why do you think you're an unemployable loser?

I've been actively interviewing for 6 months now, and haven't gotten any offers. I only had one decent interview. I usually get eliminated at the keyword matching phase, because a lot of my experience considered "not hot".

Jeff commented on Reader Mail - 03/30/2014 To 04/05/2014.
I have to agree. I've learned so much from your blog posts - and look forward to more! More content posts please!

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