New Job!

I found a new job. It’s full-time instead of part-time, and more than a 30% hourly rate increase.

It’s an Internet multi-level marketing business. I know that’s kind of shady, but it is profitable unlike the doomed startup I was working at.

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  1. Congratulations! Now get a new phone and start blogging again! Yours is a significant voice that needs to be heard in the freedom movement against State tyranny. You know a lot about finance as well so you are good at breaking down economic policy.

    • Yeah, I should get more back into blogging.

      The biggest factor is THE LOSS OF THE LOCAL TRAIN, due to Hurricane Sandy recovery. The express is only 5 minutes faster, but I don’t get a seat. I used to work on my blog on the subway.

      Also, my new phone doesn’t have a physical keyboard, which makes it harder to type. I’ve been looking for a clip-on bluetooth keyboard, but found nothing good.

  2. is the following of interest ??
    Mr. Hornberger recently chided the citizens of Argentina for succumbing to the government propaganda of businesses that are responsible for inflation because businesses raise the price of goods and services. He then decries their government controlled schools for not educating the people that their government causes inflation. Ref. .
    Perhaps Mr. Hornberger should review the economic chaos of the United States and Europe and question whether it is the government or financial institutes that cause—and profit from—inflation. “Bought off” and corrupted are terms that come to mind to distinguish the causation from the implementation. President Clinton was astonished to be informed that bankers would determine how much deficit spending would be allowed. QE loans—to select financiers to avoid their bankruptcy which, if defaulted—are expansions of money in circulation (inflation) that are not controlled by Congress. The benefit of QE loans is only to financiers.
    All Ponzi schemes that inherently rely upon creating additional debt to pay current interest, such as the system imposed by the Federal Reserve, ultimately have the same catastrophic collapse. There is no other mathematical conclusion possible.
    The Federal Reserve was established by and is owned (secretly thru the BOG) by the same Wall Street financiers who are devastating Europe with debt and who have already used the WB and IMF to exploit the third world. (Ownership of the BOG has never been publicly identified nor adjudicated or addressed by a court. The 12 Federal Reserve Banks are each privately owned stock held franchisees controlled by the BOG.) To believe the Wall Street owners are not going to do the same to the U.S. with the $17 trillion (fraudulent) debt would be naive.
    The methodology by which the Federal Reserve Board of Governors conceals $4 billion daily from the auction accounts of Treasury securities that are exclusively handled by the FRBNY has been documented. Ref. FEDERAL RESERVE HEIST.   Those accounts have never been audited or reported to Congress as required by law. All profit of the Fed legally belongs to the government.  The lengthy mathematical analysis of the Fed’s Ponzi scheme that dates from Rothschild’s “loaning” non-existing money to rulers of centuries past to reveal the inherent national bankruptcy of their scheme is available. Ref. RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE.
    The use of that money to fund the New World Order using the World Bank and International Monetary Fund has been theorized. Ref. FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The embezzlement of the Treasury auction funds by the FRBNY and FRBOG has been brought to the attention of the United States government. Ref. AMENDED COMPLAINT—WHISTLEBLOWER SUIT.    All articles available at
    The  “end goal” of the cabal has been stated in internal memos to be the collection of the $17 trillion National Debt of the United States. Greece and Cyprus are but two available examples of financier’s multitude of collection methods.
    And still Mr. Hornberger appears unaware of the future tragedy and demise of the U.S. while he belittles the economic knowledge of the Argentina people.     Academic centers in the U.S. almost universally assert government is responsible for inflation while concealing the bankers in the shadows. Academic centers must groom economists for future employment for the largest employer of economists–the Fed and c.,the banks—and academia also receive largess from banks, government, and inflation. They have done a great job in hiding the perfidy of the FeAd.
    ************** Footnote *************
    Only two possible scenarios appear viable:
    1. The status quo continues. The Wall Street financiers are able to collect on the U.S. national debt in the same manner as debts of Greece, Cyprus, Haiti, etc. The debts are being collected by troika, ECB, IMF, WB, etc. Austerity and martial law will be imposed.    Confiscation of assets of U.S. citizens, including but not limited to banking accounts, pensions, savings, CD’s, life insurance, stocks, etc., seizing of assets as IRS or SS obligations for make-believe debts, the selling of national assets to financiers at fire-sale prices, arbitrary seizures and control of real estate under pretended offenses, all to benefit the financiers will become standard practice.
    2. The National Debt is evidenced as an act of fraud and theft by an audit of the Treasury security auction accounts maintained by the FRBNY. The implied contract with the owners of the BOG—based upon paying a debt that can never be culminated—is declared null and void from its inception as are all fraudulent contracts. The extension of legal tender status to debts of the (unknown) owners of the FRBOG is therefore nullified and the debts of the Fed belong only to the perpetrators of the fraud. (those green things in your billfold are Federal Reserve Notes with legal tender status. They are debts of the Fed.) Only Congress can do this.

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