Reader Mail – 05/11/2014 To 05/17/2014

Another Voice commented on node.js Is VB6 - Does node.js Suck?.
If you really want to experience pure sh**, try GRAILS. that is the ultimate nightmare..

wrt node.js:


- one language for the whole stack: JavaScript. JSON for anything model-related (stored in mongo). Extensions like TypeScript oder Coffeescript make JS a bit more convenient.

- JavaScript developers are those that really can make a Website shine. Even though the language is shitty. Now JS developers can implement their UI concepts more quickly -> more feedback

- c++ Extensions are possible -> Speedup for certain situations

- btw, Paypal moved all of their frontend webapps to JavaScript

- From

"In one sentence: Node.js shines in real-time web applications employing push Technology"

So These are my 2 Cents..

I've heard people mention Grails when I criticized Rails. I never understood the point of languages built on the JVM, languages that compile to Java bytecode but aren't Java.

paskos commented on FSK Benchmark Test - C/C++ vs. Javascript vs. PHP.
I modified the java code and did some minor optimization:

Fixed the bug

Re-use Random generator instead of creating a new one every time.

Wait till end of processing to output to console (I assume the goal is to measure processing time not measure the time to output to console).

I did not verify the validity of the code outside from the reported bug.

It's here

Running the main() method on a JDK 7 build 51 inside my eclipse on a core I7 quad core HT I got 0.255 secs.

paskos commented on FSK Benchmark Test - C/C++ vs. Javascript vs. PHP.

Ran it 10 times on command line using same machine and same JDK.

Results are here

Did you run the other versions on your PC for a valid comparison?

I.e., if the Java version is faster on your PC, I need to know if it's because you have a faster PC or if the code is optimized better.

Also, when I timed my versions, I included all the time (including writing to console). However, writing to console is only milliseconds.

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