Reader Mail – 05/25/2014 To 05/31/2014

bilgehan commented on Only Idiots Use Java For High Frequency Trading.
I agree with this… I am starting to develop my HFT program. Do you recommend win8 & C++ as a HFT platform. Have you used quickfix library?

“Write your own HFT program?” Unless you already work at a big bank (in which case you have to use whatever they order you to use), you’re wasting your time and money.

The big banks have too many advantages, which makes it a waste for anyone else to write an HFT program.

Robert commented on Android KitKat Update – My SD Card No Longer Works! – It Broke All My Apps!.
Good to see another post FSK. Watching Silver Linings Playbook. Have you ever seen it? It made me think of you just now. I totally mean that in a good way. I know you’ve had some struggles but you’re a smart guy and a good guy. I sill haven’t forgotten about you buddy, you have contributed a lot on your blogs that have a lot of meaning. Have a good one man.


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