About FSK

I blog Anonymously, under the pseudonym “FSK”.

I am very critical of financial industry corruption. I also work writing financial software. I blog Anonymously, because I don’t want potential employers refusing to hire me based on my blog.

I live in NYC.

I am currently unemployed.

Domain Registration

I decided to use namecheap as my domain registrar.


This blog is powered by WordPress on a Linode. I really like Linode. I learned more in a couple of days configuring my Linode and this blog, than in my last few jobs.

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  1. FSK,

    Just found your comments on BMI. My wife and I opened an open-air arts and crafts market 2 years ago. We built a small stage, a place for local musicians to come out and play. We’re open only 60 days a year, we have musicians play about 2 hours a day and the rest is radio. I’m paying ASCAP a fee for radio, but they want performance fees. Ain’t gonna happen! I don’t charge for anyone to listen and we collect tips so that the musicians might get a tank of gas or a meal. Since I set up my little stage I’ve had the musicians tell me there are fewer and fewer places to play. I can only imagine this due to the “extortionist licencing pigs.” I’ve already visited with a state legislator who will sponsor a bill, limiting how much these folks can soak us for. I’m intentionally targeting small business’s under 100K gross. Most of the coffee shops and smaller venues cannot afford these fees. I have not finished your article, but will soon. Do you know of any other states that have limited what these thugs can collect?
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    • There really isn’t much you can do. They own Congress and the judges, and they know it.

      State law won’t help. Federal copyright law takes precedence over state law.

      It isn’t a true free market negotiation. It’s “Pay what we demand or we sue. BTW, we own all the judges and never lose.”

      It can get worse. Under the new proposed SOPA law, copyright infringement will be criminal and not civil. Not only could you be sued, but if the law is changed, you can go to jail!

      Current copyright law is totally the result of lobbying by big media corporations. The little guy gets squeezed out.

  2. FSK what is your opinion of stock market historical testing. I’ve found ways to keep the generated strategies from being tuned to the data set, but they still don’t seem to work that well.

    • It is a complete and total waste of time.

      If you’re trying high-frequency-trading, it’s a waste of time if you don’t have the perk that big banks get. Your orders move the market. A back-test doesn’t cover that.

      If you’re a long-term investor, the stock market underperforms gold. You’re wasting your time.

      Look at it this way. Suppose there was some magic way to make profit trading stocks. Then, why doesn’t everyone trade stocks all day? Why would anyone ever bother getting a real job, when you can make money trading stocks?

      That’s a State lie. “A clever investor can profit trading stocks.” That is false.

        • By definition, the return of physical gold exactly equals real inflation. For me, this is a definition, because gold is money. If you look at silver, silver tracks gold pretty closely.

          If you invest in a gold ETF, you have loss due to management fees and the risk of being Corzined. If you hide gold in your home, you have the risk of being robbed.

          The stock market underperforms gold.

          With real estate, property taxes are a drag on returns.

          If you start a business, taxes and regulations are a drag on your returns.

          Unfortunately, gold is the best investment, with a 0% inflation-adjusted return. The economy is so corrupt that all other opportunities are worse.

          In a real free market, there would be investments with a real return of 1-3%. There are no such investments in the present, due to a corrupt economy and corrupt financial system.

  3. Megaupload and the Effectiveness of State Violence

    Just made translation to spanish to post it on FB, really liked it and is worths 2 b shared, if u desagree i ‘ll remove it. reply to mail

  4. Hey fsk , I’ve written you before . I just have a few points to pick with you . 1. On your 2/26 comment about PETA , I disagree with you on animals being property to abuse . If you want animals as companions , in open ground zoos , or preserves , that’s fine . If you want an animal as a slave , I.e. , to be slaughtered , or beasts of burden , than that’s wrong . Remember , animals have their own evolutionary lives to live without human interference . Remember , most animals have strong social bonds & therefore cannot be looked upon as un thinking brutes . And mankind has proven over & over again to be poor land managers when it concerns animals . For examples – when I grew up in new jersey , I had classmates say it was justified shooting deer in winter because they were ” starving” . Really? And how did you know you shot a starving deer & not a healthy one ? The bottom line was ( & is ) that the reason the deer population is overpopulated is twofold a. Human overpopulation crowding out the deers natural habitat & 2. The elimination of the natural predators , which would weed out the unhealthy & starving deer , far more efficiently than humans could ever hope to do .another example of human mismanagement is the introduction of a specie into an area where they don”t belong . This always causes havoc in the new environment for the flora & fauna that were already there . As far as people desiring to consume animal products , there is potentially a great new method of producing meat from cell lines . Granted this technology is still probably decades away , but the potential for feeding millions , saving millions of animals , & cutting down on pollution is great ! The bottom line is thatt animals are living , breathing creatures , & not in – animate objects like automobiles or ovens . We will never attain the anarcocapitalist world until we recognize that ALL living creatures have the right to exist without any interference from gov’ T or other species . 2. Gold – why do most anarcocapitalists still insist on a gold ( or any precious metal ) standard ? First of all , about 50 per cent of all known underground gold is located in south Africa . Now I know every anarcocapitalist says that with competition , nobody would be able to hold a monopoly on the money supply . Given the location ( I.e. concentration ) of most of the worlds gold , I don’ T trust my money in the hands of a few individuals . Which brings up the important point . Why do not you & other free marketers ( like myself ) endorse a credit clearing system of ” money ” ? This would completely take control of money out of the politicians & bankers hand & put it where it belongs – in the individual. 3. I do think we need a better system for workers . The gov’t prides itself by saying that they created the 8 hour work day , saving us from the greedy capitalists who made us work 16 hour days . Who is to say this is ideal ? What if I can finish my days productivity in say 4 hours ? Or , what if I work 3 hours one day & 10 hours the next day , & so on ? In other words , why can’t we work flexible hours/days for most jobs ? What if I need several days off for personal reasons & instead of requiring me to take those days off & lose pay , what if I worked extra prior to & after my time off ? Also , why are you so against “big corporations” ? Granted , most giant corporations are bed-fellows with gov’t , but some aren’t . The way I look at it , if a company became large without any gov’t subsidy/privilege , then all the power to them . Lastly , how do you feel about wage ( slave ) labor & do you have a solution ? Thanx , anthony

    • Google has had a “bozo explosion”. That would be one good example.

      A “bozo explosion” can occur even in a 10 person startup. If the “lead tech guy” has middling ability, he’ll only hire people less qualified than him. Such a startup is doomed, but they can burn through a lot of VC first if they have a slick pitch. One example is the node.js interview. Another example is the job a few years ago where there was a Ruby on Rails disaster.

      I give an estimate of 75%-95% of businesses have the “bozo explosion” problem. It’s hard to be sure. If a place is really dysfunctional, I won’t even get an interview. For example, I now refuse programming tests and quizzes. It’s an insult to someone with my level of experience and education.

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  6. Hello FSK, I started reading your blog a few days ago. It was really a ground-breaking discovery to me find your older and this newer blog. But there’s something I don’t actually understand. In a real free market, wouldn’t just change the name of the psycopaths that rule publicly? I mean, instead of being governed by the state with the help of their armies, we will be governed by the big companies with the help of their armies, cause they for sure would get one. The first thing to do, before switching to a real free-market economy, should be teaching the abused-productive to defend themselves against the psycopaths, at least this is the conclusion I arrived to. I don’t know if you have post about this, I haven’t read all the entries. If you did, sorry for making you losing your time but if you didn’t I would like to know your opinion on this subject.

    PD: English it’s not my native lenguage, I apologize for the spelling and the syntactic mistakes

    • In the present, evil people rule for several reasons. They have the ability to collect taxes, to fund their activities. They have a monopoly for police, lawmaking, and “justice”. People have been brainwashed to believe that this is legitimate and necessary.

      Without a government monopoly, if people start abusing their business, then I can start a new business that competes with them.

      Right now, If I try to form a less-corrupt police department, I won’t get customers. It wouldn’t be a profitable business. People are already paying for State police via taxes. They wouldn’t want to pay again for my services, and they don’t have much money left over after taxes. Also, I wouldn’t get the “sovereign immunity” perk that State police get.

      In a really free market, if a group of police start abusing their power, then some people will start a competing police business.

      If someone tried to form a new government, they wouldn’t have the ability to force people to pay via taxes, and it wouldn’t succeed.

      If there’s a group of people that have the power to force people to pay taxation/tribute and buy their services, then those people are the government.

      If you have a couple of large groups, each trying to acquire a violence monopoly, then you have a civil war. This is what’s happening in Somalia. Also, the fighting in Somalia is funded externally, by people trying to impose a new government.

      It also requires some education, so that people don’t stupidly try and form a new government again.

      A government monopoly is an unstable equilibrium, due to increasing corruption. A really free market would be a stable equilibrium.

      It’s a completely different perspective, compared to what you’ve been brainwashed to believe. It hasn’t been tried before. If you think about it, it would work.

      The biggest problem is that, if you do try and start a fee society, there will be violence against you by the people who claim to own you. All land is claimed by some government. There may be more small groups of free people, as the State economy collapses.

  7. I came across your old blog on superheroes not killing.
    I can give a pretty straightforward explanation:
    Before WW2 superheroes and pulp heroes were usually independent vigilantes, who might work with the police but usually spent just as much time fighting and avoiding them. They weren’t afraid to slap a judge or a mayor around, and would kill thugs almost casually. A major theme of pre-WW2 superhero comics was some villain or another trying to embroil the U.S. in the continental wars.

    WW2 changed all that. Superhero comics, in order to be allowed to be printed, were more or less forced to convert into propaganda rags for the American and British murderers. What economic pressure didn’t do brain-dead statist ideology did.

    Of course, the superheroes killed plenty of Nazis. It was after WW2 when the ‘comics code authority’ was implemented, essentially similar to the rating system of today; a ridiculous and arbitrary set of rules in order to keep the State from doing something even worse.

    It is out of these two events – WW2 and the Comics Code Authority – that we get the superhero who cooperates with the police, has moderately left-wing/pro-democracy political views and doesn’t kill people who clearly deserve it. This is also why almost every exception to the rule ends up being a supervillain (Supreme Power comes to mind).

    It’s so entrenched with the major players in the industry, along with the mainstream leftism that typifies most artists and writers in America or Europe, that it is pretty much impossible to expect a repeal before the copyright scam collapses. A few exceptions exist (Punisher being a noteworthy example), and these are more or less floating aberrations which are ignored by the cognitive dissonance which most people are expert at.

    • That is the problem when a few media corporations control all publishing. It leads to censorship. If your ideas are non-approved, you don’t get published. That’s the reason almost no celebrity publicly criticizes the IRS or Federal Reserve. If they did, the mainstream media would never promote them.

      The Internet changes the equation somewhat. However, the mainstream media wields a lot of influence. It’s almost impossible to reach a large audience without mainstream media support.

      Almost everything that was written in the 20th century is copyrighted and owned by some corporation. Characters like Superman and Batman should be in the public domain. If I wrote and sold my own Superman or Batman story, I would be sued.

      It’s ironic that Disney’s early movies were based on public domain stories, and now they’re one of the biggest advocates for stricter copyright law and copyright extensions.

      I’m offended that most superheroes act like an extension of the State.

    • I still believe agorism is the best strategy for fighting State evil. I was planning to update everything in my FAQ, but haven’t gotten around to it. Also, I’m not in a position to start practicing agorism myself.

      Go ahead and use any content from my blog (this one or the old fskrealityguide one). I appreciate a link back to the source. (Besides, you’ve used my stuff with citation before.)

      I noticed that my blogging motivation has decreased in the past few months. I wonder if that’s a side-effect of the change in my prescription? Or, am I just wasting my time playing computer games?

  8. It’s funny you say this. I’ve often thought that internet gamers – accustomed to receiving payments in the form of points/credits, and trading same in their respective online communities – would have the greatest prospect of forming the beginnings of a significant agorist vanguard. In a sense (not intended at all derogatorily), gamers have already succeeded in shutting out much of modern society from their preferred leisure activities; they would not require much more by way of incentive to declare de facto independence from the monopoly state.

  9. hey FSK,

    i stumbled onto your blog because I am seeking a cure for my red-green colorblindness. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a pilot, and this is the single thing that’s holding me back. You say taking Seroquel cured or partially cured your red-green colorblindness. I’m wondering, does it revert back to color deficiency when you stop taking Seroquel? Or is it permanent even when you stop taking Seroquel for extended periods of time? Thanks a lot. And I totally agree with your view of a free economy. I just read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged last summer and it totally changed my view of politics, economics, etc. Anyway, appreciate a response!

    • Actually, my color blindness returned when I stopped taking Seroquel. (When I was hospitalized again in Oct 2012, they changed my prescription.)

      I can tell because in certain games, such as Q*Bert, I can’t make out the colors on certain levels. When I was taking Seroquel, I was able to do it, and now I can’t again.

      I really would like to see some medical researcher seriously examine this. There may be a connection between Seroquel and color blindness.

  10. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog from http://captaincapitalism.blogspot.sg/2013/05/when-it-guy-shrugged.html
    Your posts on the problems within the IT industry really resonated with me. I’m a Computer Engineering college student with very strong introverted tendencies, so I think I can appreciate what you’re talking about psychopathic personality types.
    I just wanted to share these two blogs with you:
    You can find lots of discussion on the Neanderthal man on those sites. Their hypothesis is that traits like introvertedness, the capability for abstract thinking, and prioritizing truth and justice over social gamesmanship, are inherited from Neanderthal genes. From going through your blog archive, you seem to have these traits.

  11. I like you.
    Write me an email or something.
    Can you see me email from this comment?
    If not, just find me on Google+
    I’m not anonymous.
    I understand your stance though, somewhat.
    Get in touch.

  12. Hello, yesterday I found your posting about not signing NDAs.
    I had recently turned down a job interview with Hangtime because of
    a 5-page NDA. I suspect such NDAs are a sleazy way to eliminate
    potential competition i.e. because anybody can easily duplicate
    software that is so simple. In this sense, the interview is done
    in bad faith and is actually an offensive tactic of commercial war.

    Imagine you have 2 factories, A and B. One day, the owner of factory A
    arranges a lunch with the owner of factory B, offering an alliance
    of sorts. But first, B’s owner must sign a paper, whose fine print prohibits
    him from making the products he makes every day. They call it an
    NDA, but really it’s a weapon.

    Use of this NDA-attack is increasingly looking like a standard
    tactic in the Bay Area to handcuff independent programmers, whom
    as far as I can tell they strongly do not want to hire
    in the first place, as we are not “corporate” enough.

    On a different subject, I can confirm what you suggest about people
    in the tech business, that many are psychopathic personalities.
    Both the programmers themselves (who prefer machines to people)
    and the business side (who prefer money over people).

    I sympathize with your interviewing experiences as they mirror mine.
    Interviewing is supposed to be about learning the truth,
    but for a psychopath an interview is just another power play
    to keep out competition.

    Psychopaths don’t have any interest in the truth, or fairness,
    or a worker’s potential, or helping their employer. They fear talent.
    They’re dumb people without talent and they know it.
    All they have is the social angle and they play that to the hilt.

    The natural solution is for smart people need to start their own companies.

  13. I am a lawyer in the LA area, helping local restaurant owners in our little mountain village of Idyllwild, California, deal with ASCAP and BMI.
    In 1966, the Justice Department criminally prosecuted BMI and ASCAP for Antitrust violations, and the plea bargain resolving those actions because euphemistically known as the “Consent Decree.” In each of those cases, the organization is required to offer less than the “blanket” license to anyone who asks for it, like a restaurant. The goon squads that contact these small businesses defraud them by claiming that they have to pay the same as everyone else, but the Consent Decree says otherwise. If the parties cannot agree on a reasonable price, then the NY Dist. Court will take the case.
    The Consent Decrees do not identify what kind of subset a given licensee might request, so I chose selected genres of music played in my clients’ restaurants: jazz, folk, soft rock, etc. from given eras. ASCAP and BMI refused to give a license by genre, claiming that they have no way of doing that. Thus, for the past 3 years, my clients have paid nothing, waiting for the price BMI and ASCAP would offer. My clients continue to have music, and will only have to pay the reduced rate retroactively, if and when the issue is ever resolved. Rather than be shut down, we put BMI and ASCAP on the defense.
    Defense? Absolutely. The Consent Decree requires them to treat all similarly situated licensees equally. If one of my clients pays only 5% of the blanket license, because they are only licensing that 5% of the entire repertoire, BMI and ASCAP’s revenues go from $1000 per year to $50 per year, for example, from every such restaurant. If we get it, everyone else has to.
    From another perspective, such a genre-based licensing would upset BMI and ASCAP’s entire structure. Right now, since they don’t know what songs are played in a restaurant, all of that money [with elevator music, shopping malls, stores, mechanic shops, etc] goes into the radio station pool, to be distributed based upon who is hot this week. We may play James Taylor songs in our restaurant, but Beyonce gets that money because of her air time. If BMI and ASCAP had to assign genres to their songs, the natural result would be mini-pools, where soft rock performers would want to get their share of the soft rock restaurant license money. The radio top 40 artists would be deprived of that income, and it would go to the rightful owners in at least a closer designation than the radio pool. When you consider that live music played in restaurants caters to the older crowd who can afford the entertainment restaurant, and that the catering means oldies, you would have all of the oldies performers suddenly getting royalties again, to their delight. Thus, the consumers win, the restaurant owners win, the artists win, and BMI and ASCAP bite the bullet.
    When you consider the impact of millions of businesses demanding genre-based licenses at greatly reduces prices, it is billions of dollars in income shifting, and billions to the truly-entitled oldies artists. If you ask BMI and ASCAP, they flatly say it’s impossible, since they have millions of songs in their database. However, if they simply set up a page on their site for the copyright owners to log in with an assigned username and password, they can assign their own genres to their songs, going directly into the database. I told them that they can hire a kid from a closed record store to help them assign genres, sine they feign inability. They also try to confuse the issue by saying that any song can be played in any style [the Triple Nickel case], but this is different: the song itself has an assigned genre, so if it’s in the license of the restaurant, they can play it, and if not, not. What’s the problem with that? They have no answer. The Department of Justice has not prohibited genre-based licensing, so it’s only the BMI and ASCAP reluctance that creates the problem.
    As long as they continue to defraud the public, saying that the restaurant MUST buy the blanket license, and that it is in violation of the Consent Decree to offer a lower price, the restaurants and other businesses paying protection money are just being shaken down. One irony is they they use their criminal plea bargain as the basis for their extortion. The other irony is that BMI and ASCAP are supposed to be helping their members, but since most of their repertoire are oldies, now, they’re betraying their fiduciary duty to the vast majority of their members, and lining their own pockets with their commission from the overcharging.

    • Actually, it is now possible to write software that identifies a song being played. So, it would be easy to install a program that automatically analyzes each song played and charge per song. The licensing cartels do not do this, because they maximize their revenue by overcharging for a bulk license. The bulk license favors the songs that already hits, most of which are owned by the large corporations that back the licensing cartels.

      Even though copyrights are issued to individuals, you typically have to sign away your copyright in order to get published. So, copyright is theoretically a system that promotes individual rights, but you have to sell those rights to the gatekeepers to get promoted. The Internet changes this somewhat, but the media cartel still has a lot of power.

      If you know where to look, you can find royalty-free music. That’s music you can legally play without paying any licensing fees. Maybe you should look into this and advise your clients to do this? If you made a collection of royalty-free music, along with a letter saying you legally reviewed it, that could be an interesting product.

      The correct answer is “Intellectual property is not a valid form of property.” Patents, copyrights, and trademarks all lead to legal extortion, as your clients are facing with music licensing. It was a mistake to allow them to be treated as property, but unfortunately that’s the way the system is set up now.

    • I own a restaurant in Pennsylvania. I used to have live bands, karaoke, and djs. I was paying Ascap and BMI up til the end of 2012. I called ascap and bmi that i would be doing anymore live or recorded music. They had me fill out forms to that i have cancelled my account. Now come 2014, bmi calls and says i need to fill out another form which i did via email and fax. Then i had to do the same with ascap. Ascap comes back and says they can not cancel my account because i have tv’s that are unmuted. They want bill me 1.28 per occupancy for music jingles from commercials or if a sporting event on tv is playing music. I told them i pay the cable companies for there service and direct tv for the nfl ticket. They said they own the copy rights to the music and i have public place. I am now taking the matter to my state representative and the better business bureau. Any suggestions on anything else i can do.

      • There isn’t much you can do. Most of the TVs in restaurants are muted for precisely this reason. Sounds weird, but that’s the way it is. The commercials pay for a license to use the music, but due to the bizarre way copyright law works, that doesn’t also include the right for you to play it in your business.

        Unfortunately, the music licensing cartels own Congress and the judges. Don’t expect success. I know it’s a drain on your business. Nonsense like this is one of the reasons the economy is so bad. Also, once you do sign a contract with the licensing cartels, they got you now. They’ll make all sorts of excuses to prevent you from ending it, and the contract includes high interest rates and fees if you pay late.

        One loophole that may work in your favor is that, if you have fewer than a certain number of speakers, you may not have to pay the fee.

  14. Some friends and myself (in NYC) have started a software company and need a programmer, we would like to use GO, for our first project. On Amazon there is a kindle book called the “The Way to GO ” it’s enough for you to evaluate the GO language it only cost 3 Dollars.Please download this and let me know if you think you can program in GO, it seems close to C and C++ in many respects.This is very inportant to me, please contact me ASAP. We have money set aside for the making of a demo program and if you can make this happen in a month or so,it will lead to a great paying permanent gig with us and shares in the company as well & title as well.Thank you FSK for your time, I hope we can solve each others problems, by the way we are doing a cyber security plug in.Thanks IRA.

    • My attitude towards languages is “learn them when I need them”. Right now, I’ve been looking at html5/javascript/css for my personal experiements. If you’re serious about hiring me, I’ll learn Go as needed.

      I usually don’t waste time learning a language as a pre-requisite to an interview, because I learn them as needed pretty quickly.

      However, this is a huge red flag. You haven’t hired a programmer yet, and you already decided you’re using Go. If you are not technical yourself, how can you know that Go is the right choice? Whenever I hear someone say “We’re starting a startup, we don’t have a programmer among our current co-founders, and we already decided what language we’re using for implementation.”, my reaction is “Oh, you’re clueless. Why am I wasting my time on you?”

      Since you are not technical, I know you have selected Go based on hype and not based on technical merit, so I don’t see why you’re worth my time.

      What if I evaluate the description of your product, and conclude another tool is better than Go?

  15. Most people do not have a clue when I say the FRN does not “pay” debts, it “discharges” them.

    Years ago I came across an older court case that spelled out the situation, but that is lost to me now.

    Do you know of any court authority that discusses the “pay” vs. “discharge” situation?

    Thank you,
    Julian Swig

    • No. There are some times where someone won at a lower court, such as challenging a mortgage foreclosure, but no appeals court has said anything that would be binding.

      It’s better to not get obsessed by obscure legal technicalities. Paper money is not real money. Inflation is theft. That’s all you need to know.

  16. Do we need to have a bmi, ascap or sesac license to play 50′s, 60′s and 70′s music at a car show that we do not charge admission and is held in a parking lot ???? I sure as heck don’t want to get sued – thanks so much

  17. Man I’m so happy I found your blog. I read a few of your articles on TDD, Node, interviews, design patterns… etc.. we see eye2eye on this things. So good to see that I’m not alone in all of this. I’ve been fired twice in the last year and a half, with 15 years experience, it looks like the industry today is flooded with people who were good students in school.

    • I have more than 15 years of experience and I’m finding the job market very rough. Software is an industry that doesn’t respect experience.

      The only solution is to start your own business. I’ve been experimenting with Unity and I’m going to give indie game development a try. I probably won’t try it full-time until the next time I’m unemployed.

      I have a decent dead-end job right now. It pays decently, it’s only 40 hours a week, but there’s absolutely no chance of advancement and I’m working with PHP and mySQL, which I already know very well. My experience is definitely “not trendy”. If demand for PHP ever dries up, I would be completely stuck.

  18. Are you ok? It’s been a while since you’ve posted. I may not always agree with what you write, but I know you speak your mind. Hope all is well.

    • Yeah, I haven’t been putting as much effort into blogging lately. I should get back into doing it. I keep saying that, but never get around to it.

  19. Just glad to know you’re all right. Here’s hoping you get back to blogging soon. It’s been very interesting reading.

    • I’m thinking about resuming blogging again. I was hospitalized again and had another medication adjustment. I’m feeling a lot better now.

      I’m thinking my problem was TOO LITTLE medication when I actually thought it was TOO MUCH. I feel much better on a higher dosage.

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