FSK Glossary

Here are some common terms I use.

agorism – It’s a strategy of civil disobedience, against a corrupt government.  You start off-the-books businesses.  When possible, avoid State paper money, instead using gold or silver or barter.  The idea is that you deny criminals resources, while showing a profit yourself.  Most political activism is lots of time and energy, fighting a clueless minority and well-funded evil opponents.  With agorism, you don’t need to convince a majority.  You only need a handful of people to get started and you show immediate profits.

anarchist (Statist version) – People who like to steal, destroy property, and commit random senseless violence.  Also, some “anarchists” incorrectly believe that free markets are evil, private property is evil, and wage labor is evil.

anarchist (market anarchist) – A market anarchist believes that free markets are the best way to do things.  Everything that government does can be better handled in a really free market.  Technically, I’m an anarchist, but I prefer to call myself “market anarchist” or “agorist” to distinguish between myself and the pro-State troll version of anarchist.

The difference between “market anarchist” and “agorist” is tactics.  Both agorists and market anarchists believe that everything government does should be handled by the free market.  However, some market anarchsts hope to convince politicians to shrink government and voluntarily give up their power.  The agorist knows that isn’t realistic, and instead adopts a strategy of profitable civil disobedience, which leads to immediate gains even if the State isn’t defeated.

market anarchist – See “anarchist (market anarchist)” above.

psychpath – A psychopath is someone who’s nearly completely evil, and doing it on purpose.  Most people have good intentions, and assume that others have good intentions.  They falsely believe that when evil happens, it’s only because good people didn’t work hard enough.  That is false.  Psychoapths are intentionally evil, they know exactly what they’re doing, and they rely on fact that other people assume they also have good intentions.

Psychopaths possess very high emotional intelligence and live by manipulating and controlling others.  Some of them possess middling logical intelligence as well, making them even more dangerous.

For example, a psychopath can have basic programming competence.  Then, the psychopath emotionally manipulates everyone else, and they think that he’s an unreplacable super-genius.  The psychopath will make sure that no other employees are hired who can see through the psychopath’s manipulations.

Psychopaths can retroactively edit other people’s memories.  For example, suppose I go on a job interview.  The intelligent people will think I’m a good candidate, but the psychopath will realize I’m a threat to him.  After the interview, the psychopath will change the intelligent people’s memories, causing them to think I actually was a bad candidate.

In the present, most politicians and CEOs and leaders are psychopaths.  It would be a waste of my time to try and enter politics.  The psychopaths would immediately realize that I’m a threat to them, and I’d have no chance of success.

Most people think that the leaders are honest and intelligent and emotionally strong.  If that were true, then psychopaths would be identified and kept out of leadership positions.  In reality, all of the leaders are psychopaths or people that psychopaths can easily control.  Then, the honest and intelligent people are kept out of leadership positions, as the psychopaths protect their turf.

I have very high psychopath awareness now.  However, that’s a disadvantage.  Psychopaths can immediately tell that I’m a serious potential threat, and eliminate me.  Most people aren’t aware of psychopaths and how they operate, so there’s nothing I can do about it when the psychopath backstabs me.

pro-State troll – Someone who defends the State or any evil aspect of the State.  They can be a professional liar or professional disinformation agent.  They can be someone with good intentions but false beliefs.  I don’t distinguish between people who are lying on purpose, and people who are lying because they’re foolish and don’t know any better.  I got frustrated dealing with pro-State trolls on other forums and other websites.  One reason I created my own blog was so that my viewpoint won’t be drowned out by fools.

the State – The State is all people who profit from government corruption, directly or indirectly.  The State also includes people who argue that a government violence monopoly is desirable or a necessary evil, whether they are lying on purpose or so stupid and brainwashed that they don’t know any better.

4 Responses to FSK Glossary

  1. agorism – Just curious, what jobs can you do out there that others won’t pay you paper money for? Granted, you could immediately buy something else with the paper.

    • There isn’t much of a functioning underground economy right now.

      You probably have a better chance of doing work and getting paid in bitcoins, than in gold or silver. That’s disappointing, because I don’t like bitcoin.

      You can work off-the-books for paper money and immediately buy something, but what if you want to have some savings? If you try to trade paper for gold/silver, you face high transaction costs and State reporting requirements. If I buy 10 1oz gold coins in a store for cash, and give my ID, you can be sure that the IRS or other State thugs will be investigating.

      As long as you use State paper money, you’re indirectly supporting State evil, because you get robbed via inflation.

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